One Song Each

One Song Each (Side A, Track 10)


On our music & memories show, co-hosts Joe Fixit, Ill Mac, & Diabolu Frank each select a song to discuss, relating facts about its release, its meaning, and how it relates to them anecdotally.


  1. “Evil” from the 2004 album Antics by Interpol
  2. “99 Ways to Die” from the 1993 album The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience by Megadeth
  3. “El Sapo” from the album Chuy Vega Corridos, vol. 2 by Chuy Vega Y Los Nuevos Cadetes

Artists: Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine, Mister Fixit
Label: Rolled Spine Podcasts
Format: MP3 Digital Download/Streaming
Country: USA
Released: 10 July 2019
Genre: Post-Punk Revival, Thrash, Corrido

The Running Man – Neo Tokyo from John Gonzalez on Vimeo.

B.O.N.D.I.N.G. Agents

B.O.N.D.I.N.G. Agents Episode 003: Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


Explicit Content: Authorized Eyes Only

Agent Codenames: Old Dude; Diabolu Frank
Assignment: Father & Son Spy-Fi Podcast
Mission: Unsorted surveillance of elements from Bond themes, especially unused songs from Thunderball, as well as The Prisoner and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Also, Doris Day?

See Also:

B.O.N.D.I.N.G. Agents Podcast, Spy-Fi, Janis Joplin, Thunderball, James Bond, The Prisoner, Danger Man, Secret Agent, I Spy, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Garbage, Tom Jones, Dionne Warwick, Shirley Bassey, Johnny Cash

ZombiCast: Duration of Dawn of the Dead

ZombiCast [00:01:00] Duration of Dawn of the Dead

Zombicast 000100 tag

Listener Discretion Advised
Movies by Minutes-style coverage of George A. Romero’s horror masterpiece, researched by Diabolu Frank with archival footage throughout. This episode revolves around production credits for the film as a whole, as well as material on early performers in the feature, composers, and more.

WGON TV (News Traffic Weather)

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    Comic Reader Résumé

    Comic Reader Résumé #5

    Full Time (January 1983)

    ShoutEngineInternet ArchiveMP3Comic Reader Résumé January 1983 tag

    ré·su·mé [rez-oo-mey, rez-oo-mey]
    1. a summing up; summary.
    2. a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.

    In Comic Reader Résumé, I use Mike’s Amazing World of Comics to travel back through time via his virtual newsstand to the genesis point of my lifelong collecting of comics. From there, I can offer a “work history” of my fandom through my active purchasing of (relatively) new comic books beginning in January of 1982, when my interest in the medium went from sporadic and unformed to routine on through compulsive accumulation. To streamline the narrative and keep the subjects at least remotely contemporaneous, I will not generally be discussing what we call back issues: books bought long after their publication date. Sometimes, I will cover a book published on a given month that I picked up within a year or so that date, and I give myself an especially wide berth on this aspect in the first couple of “origins” episodes. We’ll get more rigidly on point as my memories crystallize and my “hobby” spirals out of control into the defining characteristic of my life (eventually outpacing squalor and competing neuroses.) It’s part personal biography, part industry history, and admittedly totally self-indulgent on my part.

    This episode includes World’s Finest Comics #289-290, Captain America #280, Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #14, Dazzler #26, Doctor Strange #58, Omega Men #1, DC Comics’ The New Teen Titans in cooperation with The President’s Drug Awareness Campaign #1, Obnoxio the Clown #1, Starslayer #6, Uncanny X-Men #168, and Marvel Team-Up #128.


    Superman, Batman, Reagan, Captain America, Captain Carrot, Dazzler, Doctor Strange, Omega Men, New Teen Titans, X-Men, Spider-Man, Comic Reader Résumé


    Spawnometer 0:0:1:8: PITT 3- In The Blood (1995-1997)

    Spawn #18 &
    Pitt #½, 9-14 & In The Blood

    Listener Discretion Advised

    iTunesStitcherShoutEngineInternet ArchiveMP3

    Spawn #18

    by Grant Morrison & Greg Capullo with Art Thibert & Dan Panosian

    “Reflections” Part 3
    Dedicated To: Dick Ayers

    ‘You gotta watch out for your buddies.’ That was the rule.

    You think you can hurt me — Heaven’s soldier?

    Wanda. I saved it for you.

    PITT #9-14 (1995-1997)

    by Dale Keown (with Steve Gerber & various)

    PITT #½ & PITT, IN THE BLOOD: Oneshot

    by Richard Pace

    High above the world, in the silence of space, the being known as Jereb, Child of Future Light, bade farewell to the Creed hybrid whose body and mind he shared for so long.

    Over twenty-six ground-based armor units and twenty air combat units are being prepped as we speak. We’re modifying forty battlesuits for our ground troops. The alpha and beta class psychics’ battle gear is also being upgraded… After this battle, there may no longer be a Connecticut.

    Ever since you showed up, my whole life sucks!

    What kinda school is an electoral college, Grandpa?

    Image is Everything

    Promotional Material

    Spawning Ground

    One Song Each

    One Song Each (Prince Rogers Nelson Memorial Mixtape)

    Vol. 1: The Revolution

    OSE Prince tag

    Listener Discretion Advised

    Co-hosts Frank, Mac, and Joe take their first in a series of looks at the discography of the genius that was Prince Rogers Nelson, focusing on his years with the band The Revolution spanning 1978-1986. Enjoy the accompanying playlist.

    The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

    The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 097

    Marvel Studios:
    The First 22 Movies Countdown

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    Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

    Face Front, True Believers! The Avengers are still broke up like the Beatles, but Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine, & Mr. Fixit recorded their individual ranking lists of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date (plus Pakita’s was read) on the front end of our Endgame recording session, so let’s shrink into the Microverse to travel back in time before it was revealed that Joe killed Frank’s goldfish in 1991 or whatever. Excelsior?

    As you can tell, we love a fierce conversation, so why don’t you socialize with us, either by leaving a comment on this page or…