The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast

The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast #34

Martian Manhunter: Rebirth

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Audio adaptation of a couple of blog posts with my hot takes on the newly announced 2018 Martian Manhunter maxi-series (scheduled to run as long as the previous so-called “ongoing series”) by Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo.

We enjoy dialogue on the red planet, so here are our non-telepathic contact options:


Spawnometer 0:0:1:2: Cyberforce

Spawn #12 &
Cyberforce #1-4 (1992)

Listener Discretion Advised

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Spawn #12

by Todd McFarlane

“Flashback” Part 1
Dedicated To: Shel Dorf

Do you, Wanda Catherine Blake, take this man…

Washington, D.C. The office of Jason Wynn, C.I.A.

In a major coup for Paramount, studio executives have purchased the film rights to Mark Curtis’ bestseller, “Courageous Ambitions: The Al Simmons Story.”

Cyberforce #1-4 (1992)

by Marc Silvestri & Eric Silvestri

“The Tin Men of War”

The spirit with no fear of man or his machines. The spirit of the bear. The spirit that will guide the hands… of RIPCLAW.

Big crowd, tough talk, looking out for this guy ain’t gonna be easy… This city ain’t ready for a mutant mayor. Ain’t ready for mutants period.

Velocity… we’ll be back. You can run… but you can’t hide… from Cyberdata.

Image is Everything

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  • All the Pouches: An Image Comics Podcast. One fan’s journey through the early days of Image Comics.
  • Doughnuts & Top Cow: The official Top Cow Productions podcast, hosted by fans John Grigas & Josh Crawley for the fans!
  • 90’s Comics Retrial: I’ve launched a podcast revisiting my collection of 1990s comics to see if these things are really as bad as everybody says.

Spawning Ground

One Song Each

One Song Each (Side B, Track 3)


On our “singles & rarities” side edition music & memories show, co-hosts Pekita Trotamundos & Diabolu Frank are joined by “contributing artists” Old Dude & Keith G! Baker as they select a song to discuss; relating facts about its release, its meaning, and how it relates to them anecdotally.


  1. “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” from the 1969 album Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition
  2. “Daydreams About Night Things” from the 1975 album Night Things by Ronnie Milsap
  3. “El Club De Los Imposibles” from the 2002 album Flamingos by Enrique Bunbury

Artists: Pekita Trotamundos, Old Dude, Keith G! Baker, Diabolu Frank
Label: Rolled Spine Podcasts
Format: MP3 Digital Download/Streaming
Country: USA
Released: 05 Sep 2018
Genre: Country, Rock en español

rolled spine special

rolled spine thirteen

I, Witless





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Rated-imMATURE – This podcast is specifically designed to be hearkened by adult audiences and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17 or the painfully uptight.

  • 00:00 The DCEU Antidefamation Duo featuring Dark Web
  • 22:46 Pee-wee & Stimpy
  • 27:09 Andrew Jackson: The Musical!
  • 31:17 Half-Price Under Guides
  • 42:28 Bobby McFerrin Didn’t Kill Himself
  • 56:12 Mails

    The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

    The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 089

    New Line Cinema
    20th Anniversary Edition (1998)

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    Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

    Face Front, True Believers! We’ve been celebrating the tenth anniversary of Marvel Studios this year, but it’s been double that time since the movie that made all that possible, and Illegal Machine, Mr. Fix-It & Diabolu Frank are here to honor Stephen Norrington’s Blade! One of the single most important comic book flicks ever, Blade broke the “Marvel Curse” of movies that were economic and critical failures, it was their first cinematic franchise, their first film with African-American leads, and it’s also frickin’ wicked! Return with us to the days when Wesley Snipes was the proto-Robert Downey Jr., Kris Kristofferson was The Rhodey, Stephen Dorff was, uh, sorta-Stane and I guess Happy Hogan was the dude from Grounded For Life? Look, we’re stretching here, but seriously, Blade taught Singer’s X-Men how to dress and screenwriter David Goyer was the dude that later got tapped to de-Schumacher Batman. It all starter with the Vampire Slayer Hunter! Excelsior!

    As you can tell, we love a fierce conversation, so why don’t you socialize with us, either by leaving a comment on this page or…

    The Under Guides Graphic Novel Podcast

    The Under Guides Graphic Novel Podcast Vol V

    The Metamorphosis Odyssey by James P. Starlin

    Diabolu Frank and Illegal Machine look at the early years of Epic Illustrated, Marvel Comics’ bid at a Heavy Metal style mainstream newsstand anthology magazine. Launched with a Spring 1980 cover date, the magazine featured an unwieldy mix of creator-owned “indie” work, Robert E. Howard/Michael Moorcock fantasy adaptations, and corporate super-hero stuff like Silver Surfer saddle-stitched with a mix of thin glossy and heavy matte paper stocks (like Playboy back in the day.) More to the point, the boys focus on “The Metamorphosis Odyssey,” Jim Starlin’s sci-fi/fantasy, serialized across fourteen chapters and nine issues. Space pharaoh Aknaton spends millennia setting up a doomsday gambit to halt the onslaught of the Zygoteans across the Milky Wat galaxy before gathering his players and seeking to blow the Infinity Horn. You can also read the story in Slave Labor Graphics’ (dismal) 2000 collection or Dynamite Entertainment’s supreme hardcover, the best presentation available in print. This story introduced Vanth Dreadstar, lethal protagonist of a long running ongoing series published by more houses than most any other character in comics. Afterwards, Frank has another longish “Swords of Cerebus” installment, looking at issues #18-21 of Dave Sims iconic indy. Finally, your mail on the Alterna Comics episode, featuring some of their talent.

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    One Song Each

    One Song Each (Side A, Track 8)


    On our music & memories show, co-hosts Joe Fixit, Ill Mac, & Diabolu Frank each select a song to discuss, relating facts about its release, its meaning, and how it relates to them anecdotally.


    1. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” from the 1976 album Ramones by The Ramones
    2. “Tainted Love” from the 1981 album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by Soft Cell
    3. “Candy” from the 1986 album Word Up! by Cameo
    4. “Opposites Attract” from the 1988 album Forever Your Girl by Paula Abdul

    Artists: Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine, Mister Fixit
    Label: Rolled Spine Podcasts
    Format: MP3 Digital Download/Streaming
    Country: USA
    Released: 08 August 2018
    Genre: Punk, Synth-pop, Funk, New jack swing