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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast: Episode Zero

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Presenting the “#0” issue of our brand new Marvel Comics podcast! Meet your hosts Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine and Mister Fixit as they discuss how they got into comics and their relationships with their totemic super heroes Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk! This is an extra-length first episode, with a projected weekly schedule of offering one 30 minute or so podcast every Tuesday! Feel free to follow us for regular updates, and enjoy a breakdown of this week’s episode below…

Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

01:00 “Mac” tells how he got caught on the spinner rack.
04:44 “Mister Fixit” journeys to comics from the wrong side of the tracks.
08:07 Frank doesn’t have a good story, but that never stopped him droning on.
09:57 Illegal Machine talks Iron Man meeting.
19:43 Why Hulk, Mr. Fixit?
27:03 Like the Star Spangled Avenger, Frank speechifies.
37:32 Frank apologizes for the lousy audio quality as we bumble through the process of learning how to record this junk. He doesn’t sound like he’s in a bucket here. There may be a stinger after the credits. It’s a Marvel podcast, after all.


2 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast: Episode Zero”

  1. Liked episode 13 with the Hulk so much I am starting at zero and listening to the archive!

    Very much enjoyed episode zero and your coverage of Marvel SuperHeroa. As a comics kid in the 80s I can relate to everyword.

    I agree whole heartedly on the Mike Zeck discussion. Zeck drew arguably the best Cap and Punisher and is often lost in discussions of best artists of the bronze age.

    The 3 comics in a bag chat was also great! I often snapped up the three bags containing GI Joe, Transformers and scattered issues of ROM!

    Either way..great show guys…onwards to episode one!

    Hero Out!


  2. A kid of the 80’s!! You’ll find yourself right at home with our podcast. That’s the bread and butter if our pop culture references.

    We understand that not everyone likes every character, so we think we bring enough different perspectives that you’ll side with at least one of us each episode. Appreciate the feedback!


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