The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 007

Annihilation Prologue (2006)

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Face Front, True Believers! We’re back to lean, mean fighting form with our latest episode! Following our looks at Marvel Cosmic and Drax the Destroyer: Earthfall, we’re ready to attack the epic Annihilation story arc of 2006 in earnest. From this one-shot came five direct tie-in mini-series from whose soil the seeds for Guardians of the Galaxy sprouted as part of this exciting event!

Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here. Episode art tumblr here.

Siskoid can be heard on DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast

From Lissbirds, “How I discovered Ron Lim, or, the one Ron Lim DC series”

Lissbirds also asked, “have you guys seen this?”

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4 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 007”

  1. Great episode as always, guys!

    1. The Annihilation event was my first real exposure to a lot of aspects of Marvel’s cosmic side. I didn’t start regularly collecting comics until the early ’90s, and at that time the focus on Marvel heroes was much more grounded. I sampled a few issues of Silver Surfer, but I missed Jim Starlin’s prime and never read Infinity Gauntlet until just a few years ago. So I had zero expectations going into Annihilation Prologue, but ended up really liking Nova and Ronan.

    Because of this lack of familiarity, I never cared much for Thanos. However, I’ve started coming around to your appreciation of the Mad Titan after recently reading the Thanos Quest and the five issues of Silver Surfer by Starlin and Ron Lim that led up to it on Marvel Unlimited. Now I see what the big deal is and the potential for greatness when the Avengers go against him in Avengers 3 (which I’m already calling “Avengers Infinity”).

    2. I still haven’t read much Adam Warlock, but the other sort-of Cosmic hero that I’ve always enjoyed is Mar-Vell. Of course, I prefer him in the original green and white Kree uniform over his red/blue superhero look.

    3. It was funny to hear Frank describe Nova as Green Lantern with Peter Parker in the lead role since that is pretty much exactly how Warner Bros. tried to package the Green Lantern film–and one of several reasons why it was so bad.

    4. Since I’ve encouraged you to cover Heroes Reborn (#CountsAgenda), I thought I’d take a look at the issues themselves. I tried to marathon read the Fantastic Four series by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi. Wow did that suck! I could only really read five issues before I opted to skim the rest of the series just to see if it got better.

    5. The stinger had me laughing out loud. I’m crossing my fingers that every episode from here on will end with Frank and Mac badgering Mr. Fixit until he screams in frustration. #CountsAgenda2


  2. 1. So far removed from its original context, did you even like Infinity Gauntlet? I read it as it was coming out, and never felt it catch fire. I also found Thanos Quest better than the epic hoo-ha mini-series, as well as a two part Silver Surfer tie-in.

    I’ll try to remember to ask everyone their favorites at the back end of our Annihilation coverage, but for myself, I liked Nova and Super-Skrull.

    2. Because your Golden Age is always the stuff you read first, I have a nostalgic fondness for Mar-Vell’s blue & red, but the green & white is much more interesting, especially the revised version during the PAD series. My thinking is we finish Annihilation, then cherry-pick some early examples of Marvel Cosmic, then Mar-Vell & Adam Warlock.

    3. Like Man of Steel, I don’t think Green Lantern is an irredeemably bad movie, but it fails much worse at the script level. It would have been smarter to pick Hal Jordan or Kyle Parker, but by trying to do both they failed to serve either. There was some serious Mark Steven Johnsonitis, and neither villain was ideal. Richard Ryder was Spidey-Lantern before Kyle, though not so much by tale’s end.

    4. One of the reasons I’m so willing to dive into Heroes Reborn is that I never did get past the first issue or so of Avengers or Captain America under Rob Liefeld, but quite liked the back end of the Cap run by James Robinson and Joe Bennett. Tried one or two not-good issues of FF, but kinda liked Lobdell & Portacio on Iron Man.

    5. Glad you enjoyed our inhumanity. I’m mostly stuck in the straight man role for this podcast, but I try to get diabolical when I can. I think everyone gets out of Silver Surfer unscathed, but there’s some psychological scarring in the one after that.


  3. No, I didn’t like Infinity Gauntlet when I read it. And I had the same response reading Crisis on Infinite Earths for the very first time back in 2008. A lot of “Maybe this was the $#@% when it came out, but I don’t get all the fuss.” Knowing more about Thanos and the backstory, perhaps I’ll revisit IG sometime.

    When Heroes Reborn came out, I skipped Cap and Avengers. I read the first issue of Fantastic Four, and the first three issues of Iron Man. I really loved Whilce Portacio’s art back then. I checked out his more recent work for Top Cow and, well, it looks the same. It hasn’t evolved much, including the stylized hairdos, shoulder angles, and weirdo future-tech. What worked for me on Uncanny X-Men and Wetworks doesn’t work so well anymore.

    As for FF, I think that was the first time I started noticing the aspects of Jim Lee’s art that turn me off. Prior to that, HE WAS THE X-MEN when I started collecting, and I enjoyed his WildC.A.T.s book at Image. But by the time I picked up his Fantastic Four, I saw how…lifeless… it felt. How the characters always look like they’re meant for a pinup, lacking any emotional context or resonance. Now I can’t look at his work–past or present–without kind of shuddering.


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