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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 015

Tigra, the Were-Woman! (1974)

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! This week Illegal Machine and Diabolu Frank look at the 1974 radical revision of the feminist super-heroine The Cat* into the bikini-clad cat-woman Tigra, begun in the left field title Giant-Sized Creatures #1 (July 1974)! We follow that up with a gander at Tigra’s second appearance in the black & white horror magazine Monsters Unleashed #10 (December 1975)! Weird wild stuff! Apologies for the dodgy sound quality, as our digital mixer made margaritas instead of resonance, but at least the new microphones keep the flat, hollow, two-guys-in-a-den sound clear of the perpetual haze of distortion hiss you’re probably used to by now and prefer. Sigh. By the way, we stumbled upon some Ramona Fradon art for The Cat here and here, so don’t miss that! Finally, we didn’t receive a single comment on the blogs about last week’s Nova episode, and we know it didn’t suck like Ka-Zar the Great, so we blew off the Mail Bag this week. Count Drunkula, why hast thou forsaken us? Feel free to leave a comment about how we left the comments out. Frank’ll spend the time he saved on editing to respond. Episode art tumblr here.

[*Editor’s Note: The Cat made her audio commentary debut appearance in Episode 012! Yes folks, now even The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast itself has continuity! –Rascally Roy]

Read a high quality version of Giant-Sized Creatures #1 on Marvel Unlimited, or crappy little scans here. Since you can’t read Monsters Unleashed #10 at Marvel, try here.

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6 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 015”

  1. Thanks for the great show!

    I have to say that I agree with you that the stories you discuss here are pretty disturbing and dark, especially the rat-creature one. Chilling! And the idea of the cat people releasing the Black Plague is both ridiculous and inspired!

    My biggest exposure to Tigra was in the Byrne West Coast Avengers run, a run that I think I enjoyed more than many did. In that, Tigra de-evolves into something much closer to a cat. I don’t know how that plot ended as Byrne left before resolving it … and I left when Byrne did.

    The first time I saw her was in Marvel Team-Up #61, in a flashback. I have already talked up that issue with you guys as it has a badass Super-Skrull! Trust me, a young Anj was very intrigued with Tigra!

    Thanks again! Love the show.

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  2. I’m a big Tigra fan going back to my first exposure in the West Coast Avengers mini-series (I have a lot of affection for everyone on the original team, even Wonder Man). You mention the lack of tail, I don’t think she had a tail back then. That came with the mutation later.

    As for the psycho-sexual, “yay, no Comics Code”, “what are they smoking?” Marvel mags, I’m reminded here of the one copy of Rampaging Hulk I have where… well, check it out at

    The magazine format worked well for Conan, because it used its Codelessness for T&A(&V) [for Violence, I hasten to add, eeep!), but the more super-hero driven stuff went with phallic monsters and orgasm guns. What. The. Hell.

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  3. Well, that was purr-fect listening. I remember being very sad on finding out the Cat had become Tigra, how awful to become an animal. And she’s never had a long, solid run since then which didn’t make her look like an idiot/slapper/Dupe – Avengers Academy is the closest we’ve had, and there she was strictly support.

    That black and white story sounds disturbing…

    Given that these are comics, I suppose Tigra is related by marriage to Foggy Nelson.


  4. Anj, we ended up giving folks a break from the creepiness with this week’s NYCC episode, but we do revisit the horror of “Man of Steel” (though I edited myself out of that as much as possible, fearing I was reiterating previously recorded points.

    My main exposure to Tigra was also West Coast Avengers, but earlier on, under Englehart/Milgrom. I read a Byrne issue where she seemed quite out of character, but just the one.

    Siskoid, I read the linked article, and truly, unrated Marvel skewed more grindhouse than arthouse. Oddly appropriate, given the origins and soul of the company. I’ve seen a multi-panel sequence of Tigra growing a tail when the WaCAos were numbered in the teens, which would play into my brain assuming it was always there.

    Martin, so long as Roy Thomas doesn’t get his hands on Tigra or Daredevil, we’ll hopefully remain safe from kissing cousin comic continuity. I have a mild nostalgic affection for Tigra, and she shall return to the podcast, but it’s the other bearer of the Cat costume that’s currently my catnip…


  5. Hi Guys,
    Roy had a lot to do with the development of Tigra. In the article “Tigra’s Year” in GSC #1, Tony was going to call the were-cat character Hellcat. He was bouncing ideas off Duffy Vohland and they simultaneously came up with the idea that she was Greer. Tony took his ideas to Roy, who substituted the name Tigra, suggested HYDRA as the villains, and gave him the slot in what should have been Giant-Size Werewolf By Night #1. (BTW, the remainder of that issue is largely taken up by a Reed Crandall werewolf (not WBN) story reprinted from Creatures On The Loose #13. What if Crandall had provided the art instead of Perlin/Colletta? I found the art for “Tigra the Were-Woman!” singularly flat.)
    It appears the only way to get to that Baja California cave is from the beach, so I think Dr. Tumolo had to change Greer out of her Cat uniform and into that black bikini to get her from the airport to the Cat People’s sanctuary. The alpha radiation poisoning was slow-acting, so Greer could still dress herself.
    You’d think HYDRA would have been interested in Dr. Tumolo’s experiment, wouldn’t you? Even if it only worked on women, that seems a lot more interesting than run-of-the-mill Black Death.
    You’re right, the Serenity Stealers is a twisted tale. Tigra would get back to what Tony intended when she appeared next in Marvel Chillers #s 3-7.


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