The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 019

The Slate 2020:
Marvel Studios v Warner Brothers (Part One)

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! Illegal Machine and Diabolu Frank look at the Warner Brothers DC Comics projected movie slate through the year of our Lord (Pumpkin?) 2020, then contrast it against Marvel Studios’ scheduled films through 2019 in flick-to-flick bouts.

  • 06:59 Captain Marvel v Wonder Woman
  • 20:31 Black Panther v Cyborg
  • 35:40 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 v Suicide Squad
  • 41:58 Mac & Frank v The Mighty Marvel Mail Bag: Row v Wade
  • 01:05:54 V v V: V

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7 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 019”

  1. You don’t mention it, so I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but there IS a Suicide Squad right now on the Arrow show. It includes Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Shrapnel. A deleted scene had Harley Quinn as well. Yet another young and thin Amanda Waller of course.

    For me, the thing that bothers me about doing Suicide Squad early in a universe – whether that’s the New52 SS or the movies’ – is that the concept works best if you have a backlog of villains to work from. Who the hell cares if a villain you’ve never seen before (in that version at least) dies on a mission? I have to be invested, either dreading a character’s death or rooting for it!

    The DC movies have no real continuity going at this point, and will only have ONE film when Suicide Squad releases. That makes no sense to me.


  2. @Siskoid – I wholeheartedly agree that stacking a Suicide Squad movie with villains derived from heroes we haven’t met yet is a major problem. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure the movie will be dominated by Lex Luthor, the Joker, and Harley Quinn, so who cares about the lesser-knowns that actually made Suicide Squad as special as it was.

    The latest rumor I’ve heard is that Will Smith is in consideration for the part of… Captain Boomerang?!! Not Bronze Tiger or the newly “suicidal” Black Manta, y’know, the badass black guys that would be worthy of someone like Will Smith’s star power. No, Warner Bros. wants Smith to play Digger Harkness. I guess they thought there aren’t any good Australian actors available.

    As for this episode: another great job, guys. While I missed Mr. Fixit’s perspective, I always enjoy when you guys cover the multimedia aspects of Marvel (and Detective Comics) Comics.

    @Mac – I’m with you that the only Blade movie worth watching is the first one.

    @Frank – I know exactly which Bleeding Cool/YouTube cosplayer guy you’re talking about! I saw his response to the Black Panther announcement and was dumbstruck at how ignorant and nonsensical his claims were. Good on you for having the patience to post a well-constructed and thought-out response to his position. I stopped myself from leaving a YouTube comment because mine would have been of the more cynical “this is gay/totally sucks/fuck your mother” variety.

    I agree that Wonder Woman is almost assured to be the bigger success at the box office, unless “Dawn of the Planet of the Justice Bats” completely falls on its face. But I have every confidence that Captain Marvel could be the better movie. During Marvel’s unveiling, Kevin Feige said that they would likely announce the writer and director for Captain Marvel before they get to casting, so I’m not sure if we’ll see Carol Danvers in “Age of Ultron”. However, I can easily see her character popping up in a strictly non-powered military capacity in “Captain America: Civil War”.

    Black Panther’s movie is scheduled for late 2017, but we’ve been told he will be featured heavily in “Civil War”. He might pop up as early as “Age of Ultron”–mid- or post-credits teaser, I’m thinking. For the movie to really work–and I think it will–Marvel needs to nail Wakanda as a place. The movie can’t be black ninja in the jungle. The culture and geography of Wakanda needs to be every bit as defined and distinct as the various kingdoms in “Game of Thrones”, for example.

    I endorse and applaud Frank’s Black Panther rant from this episode. He was the modern depiction of Batman almost half a century ago. T’Challa is one of my favorite heroes and I can’t wait for you guys to cover any of the Don McGregor or Priest stuff. I told Frank that one of my favorite descriptions of Black Panther was when Everett Ross said T’Challa has the mind of a crime boss (or something to that effect). Portraying T’Challa as the Michael Corleone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be, as the kids say, amaz-balls!


  3. That is some good quality debate there fellas. I look forward to the next one. Hopefully Fix it will be back for the next one. Marvel is an established cinaverse whereas DC is just starting out theirs with Man of Steel so they really can’t be compared yet. GL failed to kick off no doubt. I can’t blame DC/WB for being a little behind the eight ball right now because of the Dark Knight Trilogy. In the time it took Nolan to release Rises (4 years) Marvel put out 5 in continuity movies and DC/WB were trying the whole time to get Nolan to create their Cinaverse. When they finally gave up they were way behind because of Avengers 2012. It didn’t matter that Iron Man 2 and 3, and Thor Dark World weren’t great. Avengers was solid and that left Marvel with only the eight ball on the table. Winter Solider and GotG 2014 pocketed that 8 ball. So what’s left, DC/WB has to stage a come back, they have to catch up not be compared to just get really great or they will never be any comparison. Since Iron Man came out they have had 10 in continuity movies. While DC/WB have had 1 (Man of Steel). Comparing Phase 3 of Marvel to Phase one of DC is apples and oranges. Although DC is only 600 million or so dollars down lol.

    *Batman Begins 2005 – 374,218,673
    *Superman returns 2006 – 391,081,192
    *Dark Knight 2008 – 1,004,558,444
    Iron Man 2008 – 585,174,222
    Incredible Hulk 2008 – 263,427,551
    Watchmen 2009 – 185,258,983
    Jonah Hex 2010 – 10,903,312
    Iron Man 2 2010 – 623,933,331
    Thor 2011 – 449,439,994
    Captain America 2011 – 370,569,774
    *Green Lantern 2011 – 219,851,172
    *Dark Knight Rises 2012 – 1,084,439,099
    Avengers 2012 – 1,518,594,910
    Iron Man 3 2013 – 1,215,439,994
    Thor: Dark World 2013 – 644,783,140
    Man of Steel 2013 – 668,045,518
    Captain America Winter Solider 2014 – 714,083,572
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 – 768,009,017

    2008- 2014 Marvel Total (estimated) = 7,157,455,505
    2005 – 2014 DC Total (Estimated) = 6,478,068,491

    *Not in the continuity with planned DC Cinaverse


  4. Had a great time listening to this show.

    I am an admitted dyed-in-the-wool DC guy. But I can’t help but think their movies are going to be awful. While Marvel puts out action movies where the heroes (gasp) seem to like being heroes with a sly sense of humor mixed in, DC and Zach Snyder go in the opposite direction. Even Superman didn’t want to be Superman and didn’t want to help people (like his FATHER!!). Now we get a movie where the heroes are fighting each other as opposed to Avengers where they come together to fight a bigger threat.

    Even the cinematography is reversed. Marvel’s are bright, primary colors, dizzying. DC’s movie is drab, gray, plodding.

    I can’t believe you guys are making me think about Man of Steel again! Stop it!!!

    As for the rest of the show, I have been a big fan of the new Captain Marvel. And unlike Frank, I liked the inky, warped early art of Dexter Soy. The book (and the relaunched book) has gone through a number of artists since then. The recent issues by Javier Pulido and Marcio Takara might be more to your tastes.

    And I loved the Cyborg rant. Don’t sugar coat it Frank … let’s us know how you really feel! Heh heh heh.


  5. Every time you mentioned Captain Marvel this or Captain Marvel that, the same phrase echoes in my mind: that ain’t Captain Marvel. In the context of this podcast, I kept thinking DC should have had the balls to announce a Captain Marvel film. They own the rights, they bought them from Fawcett. Just because they were sleeping while Marvel made an end run around them doesn’t mean they have to roll over and play dead. DC’s lawyers harassed Fawcett for something like 15 years before Fawcett gave up. They’ve been playing “who owns Batman ’66” with Fox for almost 50 years. Why give up on this one?
    BTW, I’m perfectly happy for Marvel to come out with a Ms. Marvel movie.


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