The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 020

Marvel/DC Movie Slate 2020: Ant-Man v Aquaman

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! Mister Fixit rejoins Illegal Machine and Diabolu Frank as they look book at the Captain Marvel v Wonder Woman movie debate, then forward to the cinematic Ant-Man v Namor the Sub-Mariner Aquaman the Barbarian! Plus, the Mighty Marvel Mail Bag!

*Batman Begins 2005 – 374,218,673
*Superman returns 2006 – 391,081,192
*Dark Knight 2008 – 1,004,558,444
Iron Man 2008 – 585,174,222
Incredible Hulk 2008 – 263,427,551
Watchmen 2009 – 185,258,983
Jonah Hex 2010 – 10,903,312
Iron Man 2 2010 – 623,933,331
Thor 2011 – 449,439,994
Captain America 2011 – 370,569,774
*Green Lantern 2011 – 219,851,172
*Dark Knight Rises 2012 – 1,084,439,099
Avengers 2012 – 1,518,594,910
Iron Man 3 2013 – 1,215,439,994
Thor: Dark World 2013 – 644,783,140
Man of Steel 2013 – 668,045,518
Captain America Winter Solider 2014 – 714,083,572
Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 – 768,009,017

2008- 2014 Marvel Total (estimated) = 7,157,455,505
2005 – 2014 DC Total (Estimated) = 6,478,068,491

*Not in the continuity with planned DC Cinaverse


5 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 020”

  1. No! No! NO! This was such a disappointing listen–not because of the quality, though.

    I’m on Frank’s wavelength regarding Wonder Woman, and I’m a big fan of both Aquaman and Ant-Man, so most of Mac and Fixit’s comments on this episode felt infuriatingly, deliberately obtuse. “No good Wonder Woman movie”?!! “No one wants to see water”?!!* C’mon, guys, you do a superhero podcast; you have to allow for the possibility that these intellectual properties that have been published for 75 years have some value to contemporary fans.

    I think Ant-Man and Aquaman suffer from preconceived expectations about their usefulness as “superheroes” or “crimefighters” because we compare them to guys like Spider-Man and Superman. And that’s fair. You don’t need Aquaman on the Justice League when you have Superman, and Ant-Man doesn’t bring a whole lot to the Avengers table. But their stories don’t have to be superhero/crimefighter stories. Aquaman shouldn’t feel like a superhero movie. It should feel like an adventure movie, in the same mode as Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Marvel gets that, which is one of the reasons why the film isn’t an origin of Hank Pym story but a legacy story wrapped up in a heist film. I’m really excited for Ant-Man, but then again, I’m a fan of both Hank and Scott Lang. I never liked Eric O’Grady because I don’t like anything that Robert Kirkman writes.

    * Admittedly, Mac’s comment that the 75% of his body that’s water is the worst 75% was pretty funny.


  2. I (Mac) was probably too harsh on Aquaman….but I believe that Aquaman has a pretty bad reputation in pop culture. AND I think there is a pretty strong historical case against water based films.

    I think Wonder Woman can have a successful film, but not kind hearted Jesus WW. Its unfortunate, but I feel that’s the case.


  3. Like Frank, I want not just any Wonder Woman movie, I want the right Wonder Woman movie. The idea of playing up on her immortal status by setting the first movie in the 20s is intriguing and follows the path of the Cap movies (the best Marvel movies in my mind). So I hope it is more than just a stabby, violent Clash of the Titans/Percy Jackson knock-off. And 100% agree with Frank – if that is Mr. Fix-It’s idea of Wonder Woman he needs to be quiet!

    And I had to laugh at Mac’s rant about Aquaman. Hilarious. But if the movie Gravity worked, showed that the effects are there now to pull off the visuals, I think an Aquaman movie could be cool.

    Again, as a DC guy, I have to applaud Marvel for doing these movies right, setting up each character then doing the team-up movie. I also think their schedule of future movies makes sense. Warner Brothers seems to be playing catch-up, trying to capitalize on the Super-hero phenomenon before it fades. But if Man of Steel is the prototype, I think they will flounder.


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