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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 024

Marvel/DC Movie Slate 2020 Part Four

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! Mister Fixit, Illegal Machine and Diabolu Frank keep talking about these friggin’ Marvel Studios versus Warner Brothers/DC movie slates for like hours and hours and it just doesn’t seem to stop and it’s twenty minutes on Inhumans v Shazam and something along the lines of thirty-five minutes of letters and dear god in heaven how much longer will this go on? December is shaping up to be the month of unfinished business drudgery, amiright? Excelsior, beaches!

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9 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 024”

  1. As I understand it (and I could be wrong), SHAZAM is still supposed to be part of the DC Cinematic Universe but won’t tie in directly to the Justice League movies, similar to how GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY didn’t address the Avengers in anyway but still existed in the same sphere of movies. I think that’s how Shazam is supposed to go, but again, maybe I’m wrong and Frank is right.

    The casting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam worries me for a number of reasons. He’s too charming and instantly likable. His smile lights up the room. He *should* be playing Captain Marvel not Black Adam. My fear is that he will completely overshadow whoever plays Captain Marvel and even more than that Warner Bros. will change his character to be more of a sympathetic anti-hero instead of a proper villain.

    DC might get a female starring hero on the big screen first, but Marvel will release CAPTAIN MARVEL before DC releases SHAZAM. If DC and Warner Bros. are banking on The Rock’s popularity to carry SHAZAM, uh, they might be a couple years too late. HERCULES didn’t make enough money in America to cover its production budget.

    BIG HERO 6 was a lot of fun, about as fun as GotG for pure movie enjoyment but with a ton of heart.

    AQUAMAN can definitely work as a live-action film while still being set in the water, as long as the undersea realm is depicted more-or-less like an alien environment. I think the Aquaman movie has to look and feel like James Cameron’s AVATAR; it has to be completely immersive in a corner of the Earth that almost no one has ever explored.

    Also, the teaser for AQUAMAN should just be dramatized version of this page by Alex Ross:

    I, too, love the X-Men run drawn by Cockrum, Byrne, Paul Smith, and JRJR. For me, the glory days of X-Men ended with the Morlock Massacre when Claremont wrote Kitty, Nightcrawler, and Colossus out of the book and replaced them with f***ing Dazzler, Longshot, and Havok. Also, that’s about when Silvestri came aboard. Having said that, Alan Davis is one of my favorite comic artists, so I wouldn’t mind listening to an EXCALIBUR episode in the future.

    My guilty pleasure book from a couple years ago was Rick Remender’s UNCANNY X-FORCE. The whole series reads like a love letter to the ’90s-era X-Men, particularly the aspects that fans loved in the ’90s then hated in the ’00s. But Remender makes things like Archangel and Apocalypse and Phantomex work amazingly well, and perhaps his greatest accomplishment: he actually made Deadpool funny and fun to read. Give it a shot on Marvel Unlimited. I doubt Frank would like the series very much, but I think Mac and Mister Fixit would enjoy it.


  2. Big Hero 6 was indeed excellent. I’ve been telling movie fans to avoid the comics series ever since.

    I loved the Shazam cartoon series as a kid (go Cloud Man!), but no idea if I could maintain that opinion today. But yeah, if they’re going to make it “separate” anyway, a cool animated movie would be a better way to go. Alas.

    I’ll go ahead and call myself a fan of the original Inhuman designs. I like Karnak, especially his powers. I like Black Bolt. I like Medusa. Gorgon can be cool. Lockjaw has some insane potential à la Groot. Triton… well, I like Black Bolt. Did I forget to mention Crystal? There’s a reason for that. Some cool designs and unusual powers (overall). I still don’t see what the film would be though.


  3. Hey guys! Enjoyed the latest episode (primarily because I like hearing my name said on other podcasts). I’m surprised to say that you actually made a reasonable argument against an Aquaman movie. I don’t necessarily agree with you, but you were at least sensible. Someone put “Throne of Atlantis” in Mac’s hands (isn’t he the guy who ranted against Aquaman?). Whether Frank likes it or not, it’s a good read.

    Excalibur is the perfect example of how NOT to bake a cake. You throw in fantastic ingredients (Captain Britain, Shadow Cat, Nightcrawler, Chris Claremont in the 1980s, Alan Davis art, England, X-Men lore, etc) and somehow screw up setting the temperature of the oven. That comic had everything going for it, but still didn’t come together. It was under-cooked, tasted bland, and was unsatisfying.

    Can’t wait for your Marvel UK coverage! The pent-up demand for a Mys-Tech and Warheads podcast is nearly palpable. Oh wait..couldn’t care less. Those were canceled for good reason. #BringOnAlphaFlight

    Good points about the editing. Definitely keep up the fast pace, just don’t make dialogue sound choppy like this.

    Thanks for reading my letter on the show. You should do more things like that.

    The Irredeemable Shag
    Fire & Water Podcast says, “Marvel Super Heroes Podcast… I am your father!”


  4. Oh yeah! I meant to comment on Revolutionary War, because I’d given up on Marvel in the 90s and never read a single Marvel UK book. I still enjoyed the heck out of Revolutionary War, even though I only knew Captain Britain, MI13 and could recognize Death’s Head in a crowd. I’d love to see these characters more regularly.


  5. Hold the phone!! Siskoid couldn’t recognize Death’s Head?!?! One of the only “mainstream” comic characters to ever meet Doctor Who in comics?? I call foul!


  6. Siskoid – *Whew* I was afraid I was going to have to ask for your Sylvester McCoy fan card back. Sorry for the mis-read. Just making sure you were awake. 😉


  7. Jeepers, this joint jumped on Friday morn’. I thought Count Drunkula would stand alone in this once cold, barren comment forum.

    I think The Rock would have been a fine choice for Captain Marvel 10-15 years ago, but the Dwayne Johnson of today is too swollen and just plain too damned old. He can still pull off Black Adam, and would take the role seriously, so it should obviously be his. I also like the idea of a less physically imposing actor to play off Johnson, which could be pretty much anybody (see the straining trick photography to keep Vin Diesel viable in their Fast 5 fight.) One option that hasn’t been explored: just having a kid be Shazam, ala Captain Marvel Jr. Seeing Johnson batter a child would counter his charisma effectively. Hopefully, casting will rise to the challenge with an equally likable hero, like Joseph Gordon Levitt or Channing “C-Tats” Tatum. As you pointed out, The Rock is an excellent franchise added ingredient, but not necessarily a reliable base unto himself.

    Excalibur would be a good endcap to coverage of the Claremont/JRJR X-Men, when the book stopped being any good and became an extended example of everything wrong with the ’80s. I was never as engaged by the X-Men as during the Mutant Massacre, but what should have been a traumatic episode of cruel violence became the defining attribute of the book for the entirety of the Silvestri run and beyond.

    I’ve not been very fond of Rick Remender’s work in general, but I just read a book by him this week that improves my view of him.

    Siskoid, I haven’t actually seen Big Hero 6 yet, and this dang movie slate series has run for so long that we recorded this episode’s material before it was released. It’ll probably keep until it hits the home viewing market, but glad to hear it was received warmly. I have yet to read a story where Crystal did anything remotely interesting, and my eyes glazed over a bit during your individual member rundown. Of the lot, thanks to my undue and not to be overstated nostalgia for the bomber jacket Avengers, Sersi’s probably my default favorite… and one Google spelling check later, I’m reminded she’s an Eternal. So by default, my favorite Eternal. What’s an Eternal again? I forget. I can’t even spell Circe unless I’m referring to the Wonder Woman foe.

    Shag, like the amazing Carnac the Magnificent (not an Inhuman,) I can say “nice art,” “I read that in, like, five minutes,” and “‘I AM YOUR KING’ is no ‘Tonight, We Dine in Hell!'” as probable reactions to putting “Throne of Atlantis” in Mac’s hands. You’ve restrengthened my resolve not to cover Excalibur, which I read for a while until I realized its defining trait was purposeless meandering for spin-off dollars. I’m afraid that the guy with a podcast focused solely on the Ultraverse line cannot throw stones at a few prospective Marvel UK episodes. Your house is made of tissue paper. I could spit in its general direction and take out a central beam. Oh, and just for you “Pops,” next week’s podcast will feature more jarring, unnatural editing than any other! Now unhand me sir, while I scream like a bitch and drop into an awaiting escape vehicle!

    I used to own “The Life and Times of Death’s Head” trade paperback, and even collected a few issues of “The Incomplete Death’s Head,” but I don’t think I ever got to read his early appearances in Transformers U.K. and Doctor Who. I wonder if they’re affordable? Also, I now suspect Shag is merely Siskoid’s puppet in pushing Alpha Flight. I’m on to you!


  8. I am most definitely not pushing Alpha Flight through Shag. I’m not even pushing Alpha Flight on my own! You’re much too American to tackle that particular subject in any way that won’t make me see red.


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