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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 025

#MarvelSHP Annual 2014

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

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Face Front, True Believers! Don’t call it a comeback! We been here for half a year! Yeah, it’s a few days before Christmas and then the dead zone through New Year’s, so we’re phoning it in (sometimes literally!) For our twenty-fifth episode, we decided to follow a classic Marvel Comics tradition and run a bunch of “reprints” dolled up as an annual/giant-sized special! But see, besides gathering some of the most scintillating material from our first dozen or so episodes, the tracks have been reedited to include previously deleted material never before presented to the public! Sure, the audio quality is largely grody with rambling about long-shuttered local comic shops and movie talk past its sell-by date, but it’s… uh… conversational! Excelsior!

Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…


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6 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 025”

  1. This is an interesting, well, I suppose it’s a grab bag. I don’t always listen if the subject matter doesn’t grab me – so that’s mostly Marvel Cosmic and the TV/film talk – but it’s good to hear snippets. I mildly disagree (I’m a temperate fellow) with the idea that the Seventies Hulk telly show was more difficult to produce than other superhero stuff – painting a wrestler green isn’t tougher than sticking a beauty queen in a bikini.

    Boy, the Hulk TV show was a downer, with Bill Bixby’s Banner never getting a break, and no superhero fun whatsoever. The Hulk may as well have been Lennie from of Mice and Men for all the wonder he inspired. In the UK it played on Friday evening, sending me into the weekend with mild depression.

    Hey ho, Happy Christmas etc and congratulations on your general awesomeness.


  2. Count, Mr. Fixit can be clever on the occasions we can keep him on-topic and away from his penis.

    Martin, one of the rationals behind doing a clip show was to hide the peas in the potatoes of cherry-pickers. Wait… what? I think what the guys meant was that doing an Incredible Hulk show today (as once championed by Guillermo del Toro for ABC) would be difficult/expensive for the necessity of using CGI, whereas the ’70s show was commendable for making beefcake in pancake credible as the Incredible Hulk. At least its inducement to depression was intentional, as opposed to the contemporaneous Spider-Man TV show’s numbing incompetence. I wasn’t as into the Hulk show as Fixit and Mac, and vastly preferred Spidey as a kid, but I knew even then that one program was the clear victor in quality. Plus I adored Kenneth Johnson’s V, which was no tiptoe through the tulips either.

    I confess that I’m ready to wrap up the movie talk as well, but it looks like we’ve got about two entries left. One drunken night Mac and I generated 2.5 hours of filler film material which led to the mad compulsion to bring Fixit in for another 1.5 hours of compliment that has dominated the episodes this season. We’ll feel more awesome when we can catch some Birth of Iron Man/Patsy Walker lightning instead of dreading the inevitable editing nightmare of the Black Widow episode (though we thought the Hulk episode would suck going in, so who knows?)


  3. It’s no problem, every episode of every podcast can’t be for everybody – the Fire and Water Podcast, for one, is a total fave but I always skip the Power Records and Super Powers toy episodes. It’s free entertainment, I’m grateful for what I get.

    And I’m getting Madame Natasha. Whee!


  4. Finally got the chance to listen to all of this.

    I still laugh out loud at the revelation of the first Iron Man page! Well worth a repeat listen!!

    I really like Madame Masque and wouldn’t mind a whole episode devoted to her.

    Looking forward to listening in 2015!


  5. Catching up on the episodes I missed during the holiday break, and binging them without taking notes, and that’s biting me in the ass re: comments. I was going to say something about the Hulk, for example, but…

    Did you attribute Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner to Blake, Frank? You mean Coleridge. Rhyme is literally an opium trip, but Blake was on something more hallucinogenic.

    Always up for some vibrating Iron Man humor, even if it’s in repeats, but I though the “Annual” had more new content than old (or seemed new).

    And by coincidence, we (re)watched When Harry Met Sally last week because yes, it’s as good a Rob Reiner movie as any. Is it realistic? The whole point of the frame structure is to show different couples meet differently, so yes, it is, for these guys (and I know it’s happened to other people, even if I’ve never managed it), but it’s not necessarily a reproducible event.


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