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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 026

Marvel/DC Movie Slate 2020 V v V– Penúltimo!

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! You can really hear the screwdrivers kicking in as Illegal Machine and Diabolu Frank slur their way through 2016’s bout between Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War! Straight edge Mister Fixit joins in during a second sober session at 23:19. Next, dated film material recorded on our original ghetto rig, because as we proved last week, we don’t throw much of anything out. The case in favor of heavy editing begins at 33:09 with Sony Spider-Man talk (and if you want to do one of those Marvel Omnibus cuts, this would be seated right after the Daredevil discussion featured in the extended Sub-Mariner section from the 2014 Annual– Rascally Roy!) Then we talk about Batman v Superman some more, but in the past, like a flashback! Ooo, temporal paradox! 41:39 brings us to the Josh Trank Fantastic Four flick. Plus, s’more Ant-Man, with references to X-Men and Batman throughout this back matter! 59:40 sees a truncated Mitey Marvel Mail Bag, and of course, a stinger for this shaggy dog episode! Excelsior!

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4 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 026”

  1. “Spoilers?” Check
    “Mature language?” Check
    “Viewers beware?” Check
    Great intro? Big ol’ check!

    Like Mr. Fixit, I love Batman, but over the last couple years I have grown to hate Batman fans.

    I love and agree with Frank’s comment that Marvel is built on interpersonal conflict while DC is built on cooperation. I’m not interested in Batman fighting Superman; I want to see them working together and showing genuine friendship despite their differences in operating behavior. This reminds me of the tagline for Freddy vs. Jason or Aliens vs. Predator: “Whoever wins, WE lose.”

    The Captain America/Tony Stark conflict in the first Avengers movie is basically the Captain America/Hawkeye conflict from the Avengers comics of the ’60s. That’s sweet for Iron Man as it sets up their relationship early on for the eventual throw down in Civil War. Unfortunately, it’s stolen the most interesting aspect of Hawkeye, so now that character is pretty lifeless and vacant. Hopefully that will change in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


  2. Also, regarding Frank and Shag’s conversation in the stinger, I am right with Frank in terms of the Scarlet Witch. I like the idea of the character but she has rarely had good writing and good art at the same time in the comics. However, she is the character I am most interested in seeing in Age of Ultron–more than Vision, more than Quicksilver, more than Ultron himself.

    I would be a little kinder and say that Elizabeth Olsen has an “unconventional beauty” but the early promotional shots make her look sexy as hell. I don’t know if it’s the skirt and the knee-high socks or the fact that the first image of her was a overhead down-shirt photograph, but I’m digging this version of Wanda. It doesn’t hurt that she is the first really super-human woman that we have seen in this world whose power isn’t combat and fighting skills. Black Widow, Melinda May, Mockingbird, Peggy Carter, even otherworldly women like Gamora and Lady Sif, their powers all seem to be based on martial arts or shooting stuff. Now, we’re finally getting a full-on superwoman to root for.

    Also also, Mac is crazy: Falcon rules! (Although I think Marvel Studios inverted the personality types of Jim Rhodes and Sam Wilson from the comics for their big screen counterparts.)


  3. Great show as always.

    As you guys know by now, I hated Man of Steel for any number of reasons. So I also think that Batman v. Superman is going to be an absolute mess. I think, like Fix-It, it is going to be a car wreck that I will slowly take in. Horrible.

    To base the whole thing on Dark Knight Returns is just wrong. The is no point in making a movie about heroes fighting; there is no chance both will look good in the end. And, like everyone said here, it shouldn’t be a fight at all. Even if Batman has Kryptonite, Superman can heatvision him from space, freeze him from a distance with superbreath, or drop a building on him. The only thing holding Superman back is his heroic ideals.

    The only way I can see this working is if their ‘fighting’ is a complete ruse. That they are doing it to lull Luthor to sleep. Or to keep up some facade so bad guys don’t know they work together as friends. I look to Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier for that idea. In a New Frontier Special that came out when the movie did ( ), Cooke included a cut scene (written and drawn by him) where Superman and Batman are hanging out in the batcave talking about how they faked their fight. And … Wonder Woman was the hero who brought them together as friends.

    As for Civil War, I thought it was an interesting book for the politics. But it also was a mini-series of heroes fighting heroes. And the ending seemed sudden. Cap just gave up. There was no other way to end that book without one of those characters looking bad. And even that ending, the Cap surrender felt forced.

    I’ll see both movies I’m sure. But they both have plot issues that will make it a bit tough to pull off.


  4. I’ve grown to hate Dark Knight Returns because DC keeps wanting to go there. I’ve hated Civil War sight mostly unseen not because of the premise but because of the execution. That said, I think the latter will make a good film. It actually helps that the canvas is smaller for the movie universe than it is for the comics where this kind of thing had to sprawl all over the publishing line. DC’s retake of DKR will be nonsense for all the reasons you state. Great analysis of how only one of these movies is viable.


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