The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 028

Introducing: The Sensational Black Panther!

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! The fabulous Fantastic Four are trapped in the incredible realm of… “The Black Panther!” Also featuring: the way-out and wonderful Wyatt Wingfoot! It had to be told… as only mighty Marvel could tell it, by Smilin’ Stan Lee & Jolly Jack Kirby! Episode art tumblr here! Excelsior!

Martin Gray asks, “Was either of these the mystery First Superman Issue Read by Mac or Fixit?
Oddly, my first Superman was also a sun cover, you may recall the Jurgens homage
And no, I didn’t buy it in 1962 or whatever, it was a passed-on old comic!”

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9 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 028”

  1. Another thought on Hawkeye–because you didn’t talk about him nearly enough in this podcast episode devoted to Black Panther–is that I seriously dislike Marvel Studios adopting the Ultimates version of Hawkeye, namely the special forces soldier who uses a bow and arrow for some reason.

    Look, I get that traveling circuses aren’t a thing anymore, which is why nobody knows what to do with Robin in movies or television these days. So Hawkeye’s origin needs a modern update for the films, but making him a S.H.I.E.L.D. soldier is so damn lazy. It also flies right in the face of his personality. Hawkeye would never last in the military; he wouldn’t even get through boot camp without taking a swing at the drill sergeant. He’s a boss-hater with anti-authority issues. That’s how he became a criminal and that’s why he clashed with Captain America for a decade.

    The saddest part is Jeremy Renner actually has some acting chops. His was the only worthwhile performance in the wretched American Hustle, but all the films have allowed him to do so far is play hired goon number #3 with a bow and arrow. Hell, Maria Hill has shown more personality than Hawkeye in the films–and Maria Hill is boring as shit!


  2. It was great to get back to some actual comic book discussion and coverage in this episode. I have really enjoyed most of your movie coverage, but this is called the Rolled Spine Podcast, not Dented DVD Cover Podcast, so good to be back to talking comic books.

    This episode was a pleasant surprise, it marks the first time that Mac has discussed anything Fantastic Four related and not been completely wrong. Seriously, the fact that he thought that the upcoming totally not-Fantastic Four movie sounds good and interesting is completely wrong. Not a single FF fan is excited or has anything good to say about the shit that has been released thus far regarding that movie, and I say shit because that’s what that movie will be, it will mark the biggest super hero turd movie of the modern era. I think this one will become the 1990 Cap movie of this era. Not a damn thing they’ve released about this movie has even gotten close to sniffing anything remotely close to the actual Fantastic Four. Each press release keeps throwing out terms like “serious” or “realistic” or “grounded.” One of the biggest criticisms of DC movies, especially on this show (and rightfully so) is that they don’t embrace the fun or the comic bookiness of their properties in their adaptions. That is exactly what’s going to happen in this one. Fantastic Four is the most wacky out there comic booky property of all, and they refuse to embrace it. Mix that with them completely changing the character dynamics and you have something that is Fantastic Four in name only. As Mac himself has proclaimed he doesn’t get the FF or care about them, he should be about the last person to weigh in on what sounds good for the new direction of that property. I don’t mean to be singling out Mac here, but he’s the only one on the show who is consistently wrong. Sorry, not related to this episode, but I binge listen, so this feedback is kind of an all-encompassing feedback for the last few episodes.

    Anyways, I really dug your Black Panther coverage, I hope you’ll continue to follow Black Panther, he is one cool dude that doesn’t get his due. I hope you’ll spend more episodes devoted to his coverage. Frank how do you not dig the Inhumans man? Well you better get used to it, as the rumblings are that Marvel’s big upcoming event is going to result in the majority of the Meta-Humans or Mutants in the Marvel U being relaunched as Inhumans. Apparently that’s going to give Marvel leverage in winning back their X Book characters or something. At least that’s what my local comic shop owner is being told by his sources.

    Enjoyable run of episodes, despite my not-so-serious ribbing, I really dig listening to you guys most of the time. I look forward to future episodes. I move for an episode dedicated to Shag vs. Mac in a totally explicit argument over comics episode. Make it happen.


  3. @ Count Drunkula

    Hey Hawkeye fun fact, his birthplace, according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, is none other than my hometown of Waverly, Iowa! 10,000 people strong. Suck on that New York City.

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  4. That was good fun, and pretty informative. Superb point about T’challa being a prototype for the perfect party planner Batman of today. I wonder if modern writers were indeed looking to the Panther for inspiration. While the likes of Barr and Miller miseried Bats up, I’d say it was Grant Morrison who really made him Bat-God in JLA, with a plan for every occasion. I could well believe he’d been reading some old Kirby FFs and decided to give Batman some of the T’challa cool. I can as easily believe Morrison just came up with it independently – the super-prepared protagonist isn’t THAT unusual.

    But I prefer the T’challa version, as that was his original schtick, whereas Batman lost a comparatively rounded personality when he became Paranoid Gadget Man.

    I never really took to Tchalla’s costume, it’s like Daredevil’s, too monochrome. And I didn’t think much of his personality, too perfect, a bit Alicia – even his arrogance was presented as noble. I liked him more in the early Priest BP issues, he seemed a tad quirkier.

    Wyatt Wingfoot, though, love him! He was just adorable.

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  5. Personally, i agree (with my limited DC knowledge) that Grant Morrison REALLY seemed to take it to the next level. Where he literally had Bats with everyones Who’s Who back at the Bat Cave.

    Id like to get Franks take.


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