The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 031

Madame Natasha– The Mysterious Black Widow!

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! This week we tackle one of Marvel’s most fabulously famous femme fatales, Soviet super spy Madame Natasha Romanoff! We specifically cover Tales of Suspense #52-53 (April-May 1964), introducing the gorgeous new menace of… The Black Widow! Also, we offer general thoughts on the character from Mac, Frank, Fixit, and even Pekita for good measure! Original Crimson Dynamo Anton Vanko also gets some attention! Episode art tumblr here! Excelsior!

Crimson Dynamo debuted in Tales of Suspense #46 (October 1963), half a year and one armor change ahead of Black Widow. He was Tinhead’s eighth primary foe in a story, and the first to really stick as a recurring threat. Whatever did happen to Doctor Strange (I), Red Barbarian and the Mad Pharoah (sic)?

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7 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 031”

  1. I never had a thought one way or another about Black Widow until very recently, really. I liked her last couple series and I do like Scarjo in the role, even if I didn’t really see it in Iron Man 2. So I’m like pretty much everyone on this.

    Bring on Scarlet Witch, Marvel Cinematic Universe! Once we get more diversity in there, heroine-wise, it’ll draw attention away from the fact Marvel’s only female hero needs to use her beauty, which is a somewhat retrograde and sexist trope, I agree. Thor’s a little like that too, though, so let’s not judge too harshly.


  2. Good point about Thor. Hes my wifes favorite character. That double standard tho!!!

    Black Widow has some good stories. Now that the (horrid) origin is out of the way, we can read some good stuff. -Mac


  3. RadioShack will endure. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It was around before the universe was born, and will survive to see the next. RadioShack is Galactus.

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  4. Interesting show mixing in the cartoons and the comics. I knew little about this early stuff. Most of my early exposure to Black Widow was in Marvel Team Up and Champions. Later it was in Daredevil and the Captain America. I have tried her solo series and minis but they have never quite grabbed me.

    I completely agree with you that ScarJo pulls off the character well in the scenes where it appears like she is being played but is in fact playing the guy. The scene with Loki in Avengers where he unwittingly is giving her information while she feigns concern for Hawkeye is brilliant.


  5. First question: who or what is Alpha Flight?

    I think my first exposure to Black Widow was on an Impel Marvel superheroes trading card in the early ’90s. I always knew she was part of the Avengers and Daredevil’s history, but I cannot remember the first time I noticed her in the comics. She always just there.

    The Black Widow miniseries by Devin Grayson and Greg Rucka was pretty good but I don’t remember anything about it now, so maybe that’s a knock on its quality. The current series by Nathan Edmondson is really good, and Phil Noto’s art is gorgeous!

    My thoughts about ScarJo and Black Widow in the films mirror just about everybody else’s. I thought the actress was miscast in IRON MAN 2 but she has steadily gotten better with each appearance. Mostly, my problem with her in IM2 was that the character was unnecessary. You could have removed Natasha from the film and the story wouldn’t have suffered. It might have even been tighter! And if she was going to be infiltrating Stark Industries in the film, she should have been presented as the villain, as an actual foreign or corporate spy working with Vanko.

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