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Please Sign My Galvatron!

Rolled Spine Special – rolled spine one

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Our debut off-topic-as-fugg side project podcast episode collects excised clips from our other productions to talk Spock, The Terminator franchise post-Cameron, Django, and a lengthy look at our beloved grunge era music versus the modern MP3 era no-hit blunders.

  • 00:19 Leonard Nimoy
  • 05:16 Genisys and latter day Terminator
  • 08:19 Django Unchained
  • 12:11 Grunge retrospective, Yeezy, and crapping on the MP3 era

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13 thoughts on “Please Sign My Galvatron!”

  1. Still working my way through this episode, so these comments will come in a bit piecemeal…

    1. Embarrassingly, I find myself on Mister Fixit’s level regarding L’nard N’moy. I came into Star Trek fandom much later, so my first and quite possibly strongest association with Nimoy is as the voice of Galvatron in the 1986 Transformers movie.

    2. When I watched DJANGO UNCHAINED with my wife, she didn’t realize she was watching Samuel L. Jackson until the end credits. You guys are totally right: that performance was the first time Jackson played a character and not a version of himself in fifteen years.

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  2. Weird. My own problem with Django Unchained is that I can’t NOT see Sam Jackson in that role. I find it so one-dimensional and annoying.

    The year was 1987. Guns’n’Roses and Run DMC pulled a lethal combo and killed 80s pop. As for the other bands, Pixies > Nirvana > Guns’n’Roses… and Bush isn’t even on that scale. Part of Nirvana’s iconic status has to do with Cobain’s tragic death. The same happened with The Doors. It doesn’t take anything away from the music, but it does add to the mystique.

    Please don’t talk about Nickelback. It is my country’s great shame. Or any band that sounds anything like it. Ya know, Silvernicklecreed and shit.

    There is still incredible music being made, but it’s not mainstreaming. Radio is dying. The future is on the web somewhere, as Mac says, and that’s not getting to our ears the same way, or at all, depending on our habits. I’m saying this as someone who’s worked in radio professionally, and whose bag was “discovering new music” while I was at it. It’s something you can do if you don’t work in commercial radio, where it’s all “Golden Oldies” (when did the early 2000s become oldies?) or Top 40 (which has always been a wasteland of one-hit wonders, we just don’t know it at the time). So I reject any notion that there isn’t some good and interesting music being made today. It’s just not promoted the way it used to be when we were kids in the 80s and 90s.


  3. I’m also well aware that I’ve got a richer pool to draw from – not just French language music, but Canadian music that doesn’t cross the frontier to the South. I think you get the short end of the stick when our exports are somehow Nickelback and Bare Naked Ladies, but not the Rheostatics or Tragically Hip. Then again, I don’t know WHAT you get down there in R&B land (I swear, that’s not a musical genre up here, I never understood why the Grammies gave awards for it).


  4. So, no kidding, two days before I listened to this show, my wife and I were talking about Nirvana. I don’t know if any of you remember or noticed but the teaser trailer for THE SOCIAL NETWORK featured a boys choir cover version of Radiohead’s “Creep”. My wife loved that song and discovered the same group also covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. We’re listening to that song in the car and I stop and say, “What’s keeping this song from being great is that this stripped-down version forces you to pay attention to the lyrics… which are fucking terrible! It’s a horribly written song. It’s coked-out brain-damaged gibberish!”

    I was never a huge Nirvana fan but I could find about fifteen songs I really liked or loved (“All Apologies”!!!). I was faithful to Pearl Jam first out of the Seattle Sound, but I totally hear you guys in calling them the Generation X’s Grateful Dead. I have good friends who go to Pearl Jam concerts and still collect bootleg albums of the band’s tour. Now, I don’t think the group put out a great album after “Vitology”, but “Ten”, “Vs.” and “Vitology” were great damn albums.

    I never got into Soundgarden because I thought “Black Hole Sun” was a vacuous bore, but I freaking love Chris Cornell’s voice! I got into Audioslave because of his voice. And Mac can say Cornell isn’t successful or popular, but the guy sang the theme song of a fucking Bond movie!


  5. @Drunkula: I laughed out loud at “L’nard N’moy”. Fucking Frank romanticism of the english language knows no bounds. That thesaurus story was 100% true (and probably 17 years ago).

    As far as Nirvana goes, maybe I need to post up an official non-single playlist for curious listeners to go check out on Youtube. I’m also curious which album Frank thought was “unlistenable”. Obviously I agree that Smells Like Teen Spirit is terrible. ALTHOUGH, Kurt would totally write an annoying song like that on purpose just to watch people not get the joke. I wonder if that was the case.

    Thanks for listening! I know this podcast was out of nowhere!



  6. @siskoid

    I thought you were going to insult The Doors for a second, in which case we’d have to fight.

    There is still some good music out there. I’m glad you agree the channels are just different, so maybe the good music is a little less obvious. Reminds me of an article I read about the band Mastodon on Grantland. I have a love/hate relationship with Mastodon, but that’s beside the point.

    The article is about Mastodon, but also about how they as a band could care less about promotion, interviews or radio play. That’s not how heavy metal is promoted anymore. “Pop” metal doesn’t really exist. Pretty interesting take on how the genre has morphed.

    And I apologize for bringing up Nickleback, but they are the poster child for pop rock. They just HAPPEN to be Canadian. But yeah, Saliva, Creed, Godsmack…all those shitty cookie cutter rock bands.

    Interesting comment about Canadians being exposed to more music. We’ll have to talk about that sometime on the podcast.



  7. You guys? Talk about Canada in a coherent way? 😉 At least I can talk about Texas, having lived there for 6 consecutive summers due to parental shenanigans.

    I don’t know 2/3 the Canadian crap bands you just named, which shows how good I am at insulating myself against bad music. Or perhaps we just export crap that doesn’t do all that well over here because the U.S. laps that shit up. I don’t know.

    No attack on the Doors from me, it’s rightfully considered genius stuff. However, track down the post-Morrison album for unintended hilarity. Somehow, Mosquito became a big hit in French translation, as sung by the French Elvis, Joe Dassin. He could only ever improve what is one of the most awful songs in the American discography.


  8. I lived in Ballinger, a 3000-inhabitant little town somewhere between Abilene and San Angelo, but traveled all over. It was the 80s, I was between the ages of 12 and 17. Went back after college exactly once, by which time the parental unit was in Lubbock, but didn’t see a lot of that town, as we mostly touristed it up in Corpus Christie and San Antonio. We were the crazy Canadians in swimming trunks on the beach on Christmas Eve.


  9. Holy cow! “…between Abilene and San Angelo” is usually immediately following “Their bodies were found in a remote area…”.

    Ha! Siskoid is Texan as fuck.


  10. Dead center! We were the French-Canadian kids whose dad put in every damn “camp” so we could “make friends” (which meant translating curse words for the other kids) regardless of any interests we might have. I still don’t know why we went to Baptist Bible camp two years running when we’re technically Catholic, and I made more bullies than friends at Basketball Camp, seeing as I had as much trouble shooting baskets as understanding instructions.

    Dad owned a ranch on Rattlesnake Hill initially, then swapped it with another rancher after ridding it of all those snakes, so he could follow his dream of growing wine grapes and opening a winery. The vineyard had to be planted in the European style, not the Californian style. Dad was a pretentious prick,

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