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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 037

Hawkeye and the New Black Widow

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! This episode, Iron Man faces the fantastic threat of: “Hawkeye, the Marksman!” From Clint Barton’s origin story in Tales of Suspense #57 (September 1964) through his reappearances in #60 & #64, you are there! And by there we mean you’ll hear Illegal Machine, Mister Fixit and Diabolu Frank talk about these comics, 1966 cartoon adaptation, and their general views of the villain-turned-hero! Also featuring Hawkeye’s Russian spy benefactor Black Widow, who soon switched from slinky dresses to battle togs as Clint’s tech-happy costumed partner in crime… and love! Check out our art gallery for the episode and watch the cartoon below! Excelsior!

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9 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 037”

  1. Can only hope we get an entire episode with you guys doing the Black Widow cartoon voice.

    I have very little comic experience with Hawkeye and have never really heard enough to make me think I am missing something. I bought the first issue of the Fraction/Aja book but it didn’t grab me enough to make me continue to get it. (I have heard it is a great book.)

    Lastly, Hawkeye is my bet for the Avengers movie deadpool. I can only hope.


  2. I’m actually pretty passionate about Hawkeye. He’s one of my favorite Marvel heroes.

    I met him in Avengers #174, where the entire team is captured by the Collector and he fights alone to free them, even as the Collector thinks he’s lame etc. I talked about it here:

    I love underdog stories and this was one of my very favorites, Justice League Unlimited pulled the same thing with Green Arrow and the 7 Soldiers of Victory, as did Morrison on his run of JLA, but Hawkeye is the original archer underdog.

    Loved his bit in Secret Wars – which echoes the sketch you edited in – where he has to make arrows to keep fighting.

    Then it was the West Coast Avengers mini and series, and it was the line-up I preferred, because Hawkeye led it. Cap is a confident leader, but Clint is the guy who’s filled with doubt. It doesn’t come as naturally to him, and he must find a way to make it work. I read Solo Avengers because he was in it, though I considered it second prize. It’s what he got instead of a proper solo series.

    I lost track of Marvel in the 90s, and caught up to Hawkeye in the late oughts. I guess he’d had other identities etc., but as soon as he returned as Hawkeye, you bet I got every mini-series he was in. I love his relationship to Mockingbird, even when they’re estranged. In fact, his failed relationships are hilarious on both the Fraction series and Secret Avengers, two books I love, the first for its experimentalism, the second for its humor.

    Haven’t read All-New Hawkeye yet. I need to mourn the Fraction book first. I’m hoping it’s good, of course. Because as long as I’m reading comics, I’m going to need my Hawkeye fix.

    That all said, he’s completely uninteresting in the movies. Not the same character at all.


  3. Mac’s Widowtoon voice is spot-on. We’ll have to restrain Frank’s whateverthehellthatwas “accents.” We collectively, officially, publicly apologize to Martin Gray and the entire island of Scotland for that. It is an island, right?

    Anj, Hawkeye is already announced as part of the cast of next Captain America movie. ScarJo and Ruffalo are not. Maybe those “o”s are little bulls-eyes?

    Siskoid, you may be pleased to learn that when we return to Hawkeye, it’ll be sooner rather than later, and we’ll likely jump right into his first solo mini-series. Mac’s been pushing for that one a while now. Also, seriously, if you’re game, Frank would like to record with you sometime in May about Secret Wars and such. Put some anecdotes in your quiver?


  4. Of the two major comic book archers, I always liked Hawkeye a lot more than Green Arrow, because A) his purple and blue costume was unlike any other in comics, and B) his attitude seemed genuine and born of a kid who grew up poor and raised by carnies, unlike the billionaire playboy turned bleeding heart crusader.

    I’ve said this many times but the film version of Hawkeye neutered the most interesting part of the character–his attitude. Hawkeye is an anti-authority boss hater. He was Wolverine before Wolverine, calling out Captain America and putting down his old fashion by-the-numbers strategy until the two eventually found a grudging respect for each other.

    The MCU Hawkeye sacrificed that part of his character by making him Just Another Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘Tis a shame because Renner is a better actor than that.


  5. I don’t think words can say how sad I am that Hawkeye survives this movie.

    The time is right for some Scarlet Witch/VIsion stuff. Maybe Byrne’s run on West Coast?


  6. I must have listened to a different podcast than the rest. I was expecting to hear about Hawkeye and the Black Widow (a la Tales of Suspense #64) but instead I heard debates about Cyborg vs Black Panther, Mockingbird vs Black Canary, and Captain Marvel vs . Did I click on the MCU link by accident?
    BTW, I can’t produce any accents to save my life so you won’t hear any criticisms from me about yours!


  7. Finally a Hawkeye episode! He is one of my favorite characters solely because he and I share the same hometown, Waverly, Iowa!!!!

    Hawkeye’s origin was told in the Roy Thomas written Avengers #19 from 1965. At that time the population of Waverly would have been around 7,000 people (it currently is in the ballpark of 11000 people). Roy is from St. Louis, which in 1965 would have been about a 7 or 8 hour drive away from Waverly. So who knows why this small NE Iowa Farm community struck Roy’s fancy as the birthplace for Hawkeye, but we’ll take it. Suck on that NYC.

    With regards to ultimate Hawkeye, yes he does have a meta power or ability, it’s enhanced sight, which allows him to be such a pinpoint marksman. I believe it is also implied that Movieverse Hawkeye has this same enhanced sight power. There is a single throw-away line in either Avengers or Thor where Hawkeye says something to the affect of “I prefer watching from a distance” as he observes something from a far on a balcony. I think that’s generally accepted as him acknowledging that he has enhanced vision.


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