The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast

The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast #8

60 Years of Martian Manhunter – 1956

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After a hiatus of four episodes and three months, we finally return to our year-by-year overview of the Sleuth from Outer Space’s early adventures, 1956 being his first full year of publication with a dozen cases to cover. Co-creator and initial writer Joe Samachson is replaced first by Dick Wood before the arrival of the longest consistent scripter of the strip, Jack Miller. Joe Certa carries on with his own lengthy run on art, here mostly on Detective John Jones as a plainclothes policeman with extraordinary powers who only occasionally runs across challenges of a truly supernormal nature.

1956 Cover Dated Story Synopses

We enjoy dialogue on the red planet, so here are our non-telepathic contact options:


1 thought on “The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast #8”

  1. We know so much about how characters like Superman and Batman were built, block by block, but it’s fascinating to see just how much the Martian Manhunter evolved during the Silver Age. Thanks for that.


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