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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 038

#MarvelSHP MPDC Spring Special 2015

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! It’s been four months since #MarvelSHP Annual 2014, so we felt like it was time to push out another clip show as a seasonal event! However, due to another recording error where Frank’s stupid laptop with the dicey USB port defaulted to a crumby internal microphone, the vast majority of this extra-length, minimally-edited show will be new material! To listeners, anyway! Well, as new as our continuing to talk noise about comic book media adaptations and other nerd ephemera gets! Besides roughly an hour of Mister Joe Fixit taking the fore (for once,) we also dug into the vaults for a best of compilation of episode three– SDCC 2014 FYI and episode sixteen– NYCC 2014 FYI, scavenging whatever pearls we could find from our coverage of comic conventions from last year (including previously deleted tangents!) Also, before and after candor for
episode 21– Howard the Duck (1986)! While Moon Knight is barely a subject this episode, he’s an excellent figurehead for the show’s dissociative identity disorder, as we spend most of the second hour in the role of The DC Super Heroes Podcast! Cast a nostalgic ear toward the days when our equipment was garbage and there was tons of audible artifacts (Ooo thunderstorms! Dogs! TV in the background!) It’s even more strictly amateur hour than usual, so much so that we can’t even be trusted to keep it at an hour!

  • 0:01:19 Fixit on Herb Trimpe & Rob Liefeld
  • 0:02:43 Fixit samples the TV shows Constantine, Arrow, The Flash, & Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • 0:10:20 Fixit on the DC original animated movie Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
  • 0:12:18 The trio on the teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • 0:17:01 Fixit wants to add Suicide Squad to the mix…
  • 0:28:29 Furious 7 sucked.
  • 0:30:27 Clip Show: Star Wars movies from Dark Horse to Marvel
  • 0:33:25 Star Wars: The Force Awakens preview trailer
  • 0:42:09 We are not talking about Jurassic World
  • 0:47:07 …but we will talk about Jeff Goldblum…
  • 0:50:51 …and somehow, Straight Outta Compton
  • 0:54:17 “Deleted Scenes”: Superior Spider-Man, Bendis GotG, Angela, Geoff Johns & Ebola
  • 1:06:12 “Deleted Scenes”: Ducking Hell and the Burdens of Being an Aquafan
  • 1:11:38 “Deleted Scenes”: Moon Knight
  • 1:13:59 Marvel’s Ultimate “Catastrophe” and Batman Eternal
  • 1:17:03 “Deleted Scenes”: The Death & Return of Superman
  • 1:23:44 “Deleted Scenes”: The New 52
  • 1:31:04 The Peter David Discussion: Aquaman/Supergirl/Hulk
  • 1:41:42 The Jason Momoa Aquaman/Namor Proxy
  • 1:50:51 Batmen
  • 1:57:49 Not Iron Man 4
  • 2:00:02 Legos Helicarrier
  • 2:03:34 “Deleted Scenes”: Jim Shooter at Marvel & Valiant
  • 2:08:07 “Deleted Scenes”: Girlbusters & The Bill Murray Meme
  • 2:14:00 The not-so-Mighty Marvel Tweet Bag

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9 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 038”

  1. I’m fifty minutes into this episode… and I have no coherent thoughts to post as responses. This is such a schizophrenic episode, and for the Marvel Super Heroes Podcast that’s really saying something!


  2. Best thing about this episode was it introduced me to the Straight Outta Compton trailer. I heard about the movie a long time ago but it’s nice to see the ad. I also really appreciate how hard they go in the trailer to make Paul Giamatti the hero of the N.W.A. biopic, because I was afraid the film would be too “urban” for my delicate sensibilities.


  3. I think the event Fix’It was refering to was Cataclysm not Catastrophe.

    Frank I have to take you to task this time out on your very wikipedish treatment of Superman’s 90’s stories.

    First of all, the year they decided to kill off Superman was because their initial story plans had to be scrapped last minute. They had already mapped out a full year and had it culminating with the marriage of Superman & Lois. One problem, the Lois & Clark TV series had just launched, and Warner & DC decided that they want Superman & Lois to get married in both the comics and TV show at the same time. What that meant for the Superman staff was back to the drawing board, they had to find a way to put off the marriage long enough for the show to setup Lois & Clark’s relationship and progress it to the point of matrimony. So in comes Ordway’s regular suggestion to kill him off, and they ran with it from there. Note that the Death and Funeral for a Friend were the last 2 arcs of Jerry Ordway’s long run (I believe 7 years) on writing and/or drawing Superman post-Crisis. Adventures of Superman #500 was his final issue.

    When Cyborg Superman threw Doomsday’s body into space, he knew Doomsday was still alive, in fact he was banking his own future on it. He planted a chip containing his Artificial Intelligence program on Doomsday, knowing that it would be safe on the indestructible monster.

    Doomsday himself was a weapon whose origins come from Krypton. That is why he immediately headed for Metropolis, he was literally hellbent on killing Superman, a Kryptonian, which he could sense, and registered as him as the most deadly of enemies because of his past of being experimented on.

    Superman’s death is still in New 52 Continuity at least in some capacity. Swamp Thing #1 addressed it and officially brought it into New 52 lore. In that issue Superman meets up with Alec Holland to have a talk with Superman says something to the affect of “I know from experience how tough it is coming back from the dead.”

    In addition to Batman & Green Lantern, the latest Legion Continuity was also still intact. But the common thread there was that was directly spinning out of Johns Legion story arc in between Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis, and apparently anything Johns touched was pre-ordained to survive. It’s hard to imagine now 3.5 years later since there is no Legion of Super-Heroes book, but at the time of the New 52 launch, Legion was very popular. It had supported 2 titles with fairly high sales pre-Flashpoint, and that story literally continued right into the New 52, again with 2 titles. The Legion Lost book focused on a team that was trapped in the current timeline solely because of the events of Flashpoint. Meanwhile the main Legion book continued plot threads from pre-Flashpoint and even acknowledged the whole paradox time & reality disturbance of Flashpoint. DC then did a Legion Secret Origin mini-series in the early months of the New 52, essentially to give Paul Levitz a chance to retell the Legion origin with no changes or straying at all from most of the Legion stuff he had written on and off for the past 3-4 decades. Legion stuff remained intact, all 3 books of it, thus making it “impenetrable for new readers” and failing the mission Didio claimed the New 52 setout to accomplish.

    To Mac’s point “gee I never thought Bob Harras would have ever been able to work in the comics industry again,” yeah most people with common sense would think that. That shows just how stupid DC is right now, that arrogant moron is doing the same awful things at DC now that he did at Marvel. Good to see that he learned from his colossal mistakes, not.

    Scott Lobdell is responsible for writing the worst books of the New 52. He was writing Teen Titans and Superboy when they launched, the stories crossed over, and the end result was 12 issues worth of shit story that literally could have been told in 2. I have not read a comic worse than those 12 issues, well except possibly for his New 52 Superman books.

    Don’t forget Liefeld, he was writing and or drawing 2-3 titles for the first year or so. It literally was/is a 90’s Marvel shitfest at DC right now.


  4. Frank is grateful that Kyle took him to task in this comment forum, because that means Mac gets to read the whole thing in a future episode of the podcast while Frank basically says “Thank you for your clarifications, corrections, and background material, Kyle!”


  5. Bahahahaha when you’re right, you’re Mac!

    If you guys ever want to do an episode of Marvel Super Heroes focused solely on DC’s missteps, please consider me for a guest spot. I could talk for hours about the short comings of Dan Dildo and Bob Harryass.


  6. Sorry it has taken a while to respond! This is a crazy sort of episode covering a ton of stuff. So much I think I have forgotten so much of what was said. But here is what stuck.

    1) The Constantine show is much more Vertigo than New 52. I wonder how far back Mr. Fix-it’s Constantine experience goes. The Brujeria, Zed and the Resurrection Crusade, Gary Lester and the Mnemoth demon, Sister MaryAnne – the pagan witch turned nun, and Newcastle is all early early Constantine. These are concepts from the Alan Moore Swamp Thing and Jamie Delano Hellblazer runs, the first years of the character.

    My problem with the show is that it doesn’t seem to know how to handle magic. Constantine has a house filled with magical objects and he always has just the right trinket luckily on his person to save the day.

    2) I think the DC TV universe is diverse and not streamlined because they are all on different networks with different sensibilities. Flash and Arrow clearly work together and I feel are a love letter to the classic DCU. And my guess is Supergirl will align with these as the Kara show is being produced by the same lot of people.

    Gotham is the darker, grittier Fox take on the DCU. I like that it is more of a Jim Gordon show. But I like Flash much much more.

    3) I am more of a DC guy than a Marvel person. So when I first started to hear the general DC bashing in the middle of the show, I sort of rolled my eyes.

    Then I listened to Frank review all the missteps that DC has done creatively, the poor leadership they have, and how they have alienated their top creators and fans, I had to slowly nod in agreement. I have lived through these things.

    I don’t where rose-colored glasses about DC at all. But I try to see some of the good they have done.

    4) Lastly, Frank is right that the forst 50 issues of PAD’s Supergirl is just a great mega-arc going through the temptations of evil, as well as redemption. You have to get past Supergirl being a ‘pocket universe protoplasm merged with a Satan-worshipping teenager to become an angel on Earth’. But once you accept that, immerse yourself in the mythology of that run, and just take in the stories, it is simply fantastic. I read that whole run every couple of years. It has a beginning, middle, and end with great character progression.

    Hope I made it in time for listener feedback!


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