Power of the Atom Podcast

Power of the Atom Podcast #1

Birth of the Atom!

DC Bloodlines Podcasts – Power of the Atom Podcast #1 – “Birth of the Atom!”

The debut episode of a sporadic podcast covering The Tiny Titan… The Mighty Mite… the Silver Age shrinking super-hero Ray Palmer in his original story by Gardner Fox, Gil Kane & Murphy Anderson from Showcase #34 (October 1961). Text version here.


2 thoughts on “Power of the Atom Podcast #1”

  1. Big fan of the Atom here, but the Silver Age stories I’ve read were so borrrring. I never really read the Sword of the Atom. I read Power of the Atom, but I’m not delusional about its quality. I think shrinking was just a power that activated my imagination, I guess. Truth be told, I like all the other Atoms more than I do Ray Palmer.
    Al Pratt: No shrinking but awesome Justice Society member.
    Adam Cray: Great idea for a Suicide Squad member.
    Ryan Choi: All-New Atom is easily my favorite Atom series.
    Rhonda Pineda: Don’t read New52 Justice League, but costume looks good on her, and I like the idea of a female Atom in principle.

    Sorry Ray…

    So, are all the Atom podcasts going to be super-short? Is that a conceptual thing?


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