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Diana Prince Wonder Woman Podcast #1

Wonder Woman ’77 Special

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After a nearly year long hiatus, the Diana Prince as the New Wonder Woman blog is revived in podcast form! Diabolu Frank spends most of the debut episode prattling on about his lifetime experiences with the Amazing Amazon, but wraps things up reviewing the 1970s Wonder Woman television series’ short-lived digital first comic book adaptation

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4 thoughts on “Diana Prince Wonder Woman Podcast #1”

  1. If we’re talking about our experiences with WW, I think mine often mirror yours. I have a lot of love for the character, but agree there aren’t that many runs of her stories I actually like.

    Met her in Super-Friends, probably. Watched the first (World War II) season of the TV show relatively recently, and while the plots are mostly crime of the week stuff, Lynda Carter was just perfect. Love the song, and it’s one of my great joys that it plays when Wonder Woman flies in the Lego Batman 3 game I’m playing now.

    In the comics, I appreciated her in Justice League of America, but her series wasn’t great when I started reading comics (the Don Heck era). Have maybe one issue, which I like only for the Huntress back-up. Didn’t get into the Perez version, though I tried. Nice art, but a little dull for me. I don’t think I really read any WW comics until Gail Simone, which is a run I loved, even if she went very weird at times (I think it’s closer to her All-New Atom than her Secret Six). The JMS revision was just AWFUL. Not as awful as his Superman, but still. And I just finished the New52 Arazzello series which I liked, but lasted too long and meandered quite a lot. It was more about a new horrory take on Greek mythology than about Diana herself. Read the first Finch issue because I wanted to see how bad it would be, and it exceeded my expectations. It’s Ed-Wood-Terrible.

    My favorite Wonder Woman? The Justice League version (so I’m all for her dating Batman it seems, but am as incensed by the lazy Superman relationship that hurts both characters). They did a good job with the direct to DVD animated movie as well. But DC properties always seem to be done right on TV, as opposed to their actual medium.

    As for WW’77, I would have hoped to see it last longer. Great likenesses and some fun disco stylings. I guess I would have liked to see it last to see more Wonder Woman villains in the 70s style. And hey, any Wonder Woman comic that isn’t the Finch book or a team-up with Superman is automatically superior.


  2. Figure I’ll add my experience which seems to echo both of yours. Long post.

    Wonder Woman is a character I want to love. You can tell by looking at my collection and seeing smatterings of runs I own. I sample, hoping I’ll see something worth reading, and then end up tapering off. So I tried some of the Heck stuff. I tried some of the Roy Thomas/Gene Colan stuff. I tried the early Perez stuff. But even that didn’t hold me. I sampled the Jimenez stuff and got some of the crossover issues. Byrne’s stuff wasn’t good. I tried the Heinberg stuff and left. Came back to try Picoult and left. And obviously, I’m not reading the Finch stuff. As you can see, I have come back to the property over and over hoping for a winner.

    Looking at my collection, I have several long runs worth reviewing (as you did).
    I have a large chunk of the Messner-Loeb run, spanning from just before the Deodato era right up to the end. I thought Deodato’s art, while booty-licious, was pretty dynamic. I thought Artemis was a decent foil for Diana, being a ‘proactive’ hero. And I too was lured in by the ‘this is big’ promotions. I actually don’t mind that run and still think the art, when not too provocative, is solid.

    I have a large chunk of the Rucka run and probably would say that this is my favorite Diana. I liked the way Drew Johnson drew the book. I liked Diana actually being an ambassador. And I thought the modernization of the Greek Gods (Athena with a laptop, Ares being the god of conflict) was pretty interesting. Add the Gorgon fight and Diana blinding herself and I think that is a win.

    While I didn’t get as much out of the Simone run as I hoped, I still thought it was good enough to read entirely. In particular, I love the ‘Ends of the Earth’ storyline which teamed her with Beowulf, Stalker, and Claw. Heck Frank, I loved that run so much it spurred me into reviewing some of those issues over on Bloodlines!

    And lastly, I did get the Azzarello/Chiang run. It has deep flaws. I don’t like the raping/killing Amazons. I really don’t like Diana being another daughter of Zeus. It pigeonholes her, makes her more ordinary. But the politics on Olympus, this interpretation of the gods, Diana’s defense of her friends, and this version of Orion made it a tight read. On the landscape of the New 52, this was at least solid storytelling, even if it wasn’t the Diana I would want in the DCU. In the end, I read the entire run like it was simply a prolonged Elseworlds.

    One last thing worth mentioning. DC at least had the good sense back in the day to put excellent cover artists on the book. Bolland! Hughes! JG Jones! I mean, some of those covers were so killer I bought the issue only for that image.

    Look forward to this podcast.


  3. I only heard about this new show because Anj mentioned it on Twitter, but I’m thrilled you finally got around to podcasting about our beloved Diana.

    Wonder Woman is one of my three favorite DC heroes, but just like you, Frank–and you, Anj, and you, Siskoid–my affection for the character is based primarily on the idea more than the content of the stories. As you described with “primordial” heroes, Wonder Woman was always just there since as long as I was a conscious observer of popular culture.

    I really, really enjoyed the Greg Rucka run. I know it wasn’t without its faults, but I thought he did have a good handle on the character. He made sure that fierce warrior was part of her repertoire, but not the sole defining characteristic. And the part where Wonder Woman blinds herself during her fight with Medusa is one of my all-time favorite Wonder Woman moments.

    As much as I enjoy Gail Simone’s work, I agree that she was not a good fit for the book. However, I did absolutely love her first story arc on the book. “The Circle” is one of my favorite Wonder Woman stories. Unfortunately, things went south from there.

    I remember when the rumor first broke that J. Michael Straczynski was leaving Marvel for DC. While everyone assumed he’d be writing Superman, I said he’d be an awesome fit on Wonder Woman. Turns out, he did both books and they were both huge disappointments.

    Great first episode, Frank. Looking forward to hearing more!


  4. I really enjoyed that, thanks Frank. I began reading Wondy via passed-on Silver Age issues, I think my first was #125 – Steve Trevor, Mer-Man and, er, Amoeba-Man fighting for Diana’s heart. Marvellous! At the same time I was buying then-new issues of Groovy Di Prince, with #182 being my first. But it was the Jose Delbo-drawn version who became my Diana, through the Gene Colan and Don Heck issues (which actually were a great read, Dan Mishkin did some great character work).

    I found Perez’ Diana terribly wet, thank God Loebs came along and gave her a sense of humour. Byrne’s run was bonkers – he annoyed me from the off with his lazy refusal to draw enough stars on her shorts – while Luke’s Diana was far too mopey. Jimenez’ Diana was a tad Perez-earnest and saddled with snooty Trevor Barnes, but had some lovely art and a few genuinely great moments. Simonson’s short arc was a fine read (he made Trevor B likeable, before killing him), but as for Greeeeeeeeeeg Ruuuuuckkkkaaaaaa – talk about stretching things out. I remember one page that was just Diana crossing a hall… And I hated the gorgon eye business. Heinberg and Picoult were mistakes, Gail Simone was going great guns until Genocide showed up, JMS – kill me now (thank God for Hester).

    As for Azzarello, I wonder how he’d write an actual Wonder Woman book. Mind, at least Azz is an actual writer, the Finch issues are simply amateurish – why didn’t DC take the post-Convegence opportunity to get someone with a singular vision on the book and who likes the idea of Diana as an ambassador who fights for peace.

    Anyway, thanks again for a great show.


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