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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 043

Marvel’s Ant-Man 3D (2015)

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! This week special guest Count Drunkula joins Illegal Machine, Mr. Fix-It & Diabolu Frank to discuss the last installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas & Evangeline Lilly! Does the little guy measure up? Excelsior!

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4 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 043”

  1. And while you’re listing off Hank Pym’s identities, he was also the Wasp in Mighty Avengers, where they basically made him a size-changing Doctor Who. No complaints from me. Hank remains one of my favorite Avengers.

    As for the film, while Frank is as usual way too down on it, he’s right about one thing: It did read as a clash between script and director, with Edgar Wright’s written comedy falling flat due to the director’s pacing. You all seemed very keen on Michael Douglas’ performance, but I felt he was the biggest victim of this, and I found his sarcastic humor pretty lifeless as a result. Otherwise, I thought it was fun and inventive with the shrinking stuff – one of my favorite super-powers done well – and felt pushing the comedy in Ant-Man was way more successful than doing so in the Thor movies.

    Yes, I could certainly do without the constant crossing over with the Avengers series, but if you’re going to choose an Avenger to fight Ant-Man, it would have to be Falcon or Hawkeye because they both have keen eyesight. But Hawkeye’s suffered enough.


  2. Something I forgot to bring up during our chat was my theory that Hank Pym is the lynchpin for the Marvel Universe because he connects so many characters through the use of his powers, name legacy, creation, marriage, or other weird things. Seriously, he’s got like 70 of these connections.

    Pick anybody in the Marvel Universe and play 3 Degrees of Hank Pym.

    1. Hank Pym – Ant-Man I, Giant-Man, Goliath I, Yellowjacket I, Wasp II
    2. Janet Van Dyne – wife of Hank Pym; Wasp I
    3. Bill Foster – Hank’s lab assistant; Giant-Man II; Goliath IV (Black Goliath)
    4. Tom Foster – Bill’s nephew; Goliath V
    5. Scott Lang – Ant-Man II
    6. Cassie Lang – Scott Lang’s daughter; Stature
    7. Eric O’Grady – Ant-Man III
    8. Rita DeMara – Yellowjacket II
    9. Clint Barton – Hawkeye I; Goliath II
    10. Kate Bishop – Hawkeye II;
    11. Bobbi Morse – Clint Barton’s wife; Mockingbird
    12. Erik Josten – Goliath III; Power-Man I; Atlas
    13. Luke Cage – Power-Man II;
    14. Ultron-5 – created by Hank Pym; Ultron
    15. Vision – created by Ultron
    16. Vision II – synthesized programs of Vision and brain patterns of Iron Lad
    17. Nathaniel Richards – Kang the Conqueror; Rama-Tut; Iron Lad; Immortus;
    18. Victor Von Doom – ancestor of Nathaniel Richards
    19. Jocasta – created by Ultron
    20. Alkhema – created by Ultron-13
    21. Jim Hammond – body used for Vision; Human Torch I
    22. Johnny Storm – Human Torch II
    23. Susan Storm-Richards – sister of Johnny Storm; Invisible Woman
    24. Reed Richards – husband of Sue Storm; Mister Fantastic
    25. Franklin Richards – son of Reed Richards
    26. Valeria Richards – daughter of Reed Richards
    27. Nathaniel Richards – father of Reed Richards; ancestor of Kang
    28. Simon Williams – mind used for Vision; Wonder Man
    29. Eric Williams – Simon Williams’ brother; Grim Reaper
    30. Wanda Maximoff – wife of Vision; Scarlet Witch
    31. Thomas Shepherd – son of Scarlet Witch; Speed
    32. William Kaplan – son of Scarlet Witch; Wiccan; Asgardian
    33. Theodore Altman – boyfriend of Wiccan; Hulkling
    34. Mar-Vell – father of Hulkling; Captain Marvel
    35. Monica Rambeau – Captain Marvel II; Photon; Pulsar;
    36. Genis-Vell – genetically engineered son of Mar-Vell; Captain Marvel III
    37. Phyla-Vell – sister of Genis-Vell; Captain Marvel IV
    38. Khn’nr – Skrull sleeper agent based on Mar-Vell; Captain Marvel V
    39. Noh-Varr – Captain Marvel VI
    40. Carol Danvers – Ms. Marvel I; Binary; Warbird; Captain Marvel VII
    41. Carla Sofen – Moonstone; Ms. Marvel II
    42. Kamala Kahn – Ms. Marvel III
    43. Anelle – Skrull princess, mother of Hulkling
    44. Dorrek VII – Skrull emperor, father of Anelle
    45. R’Klll – Skrull queen, mother of Anelle
    46. Pietro Maximoff – brother of Wanda; Quicksilver
    47. Crystalia Amequelin – wife of Pietro; Crystal
    48. Luna – daughter of Crystal and Quicksilver
    49. Ronan – husband of Crystal; Ronan the Accuser
    50. Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon – sister of Crystal; Medusa
    51. Blackagar Boltagon – husband of Medusa; Black Bolt
    52. Maximus Boltagon – brother of Black Bolt; Maximus the Mad
    53. Gorgon – cousin of Black Bolt
    54. Karnak – cousin of Black Bolt
    55. Triton – brother of Karnak
    56. Erik Magnus Lehnsherr – father of Scarlet Witch; Magneto; Eric the Red III
    57. Lorna Dane – Wanda and Pietro’s half-sister; Polaris
    58. Scott Summers – Eric the Red I; Cyclops
    59. Davan Shakari – Erik the Red II
    60. Alex Summers – brother of Cyclops, fiancé of Polaris; Havok
    61. Gabriel Summers – Vulcan
    62. Jean Grey – wife of Cyclops; Marvel Girl I; Phoenix I
    63. Madeline Pryor – wife of Cyclops; Black Queen; Goblin Queen
    64. Christopher Summers – father of Cyclops; Corsair
    65. Nathan Christopher Summers – son of Cyclops; Cable
    66. Nathan Summers – clone of Cable; Stryfe
    67. Tyler – son of Cable
    68. Rachel Summers – daughter of Cyclops, Rachel Grey; Marvel Girl II; Phoenix II
    69. Criti Noll – Skrull impostor in Hank Pym’s form
    70. Greer Nelson – impregnated by Skrull with Pym’s DNA; Tigra
    71. William Nelson – son of Tigra and Pym’s DNA


  3. Hi Guys,
    I was really surprised when you called out Janet van Dyne in the film, as that was an almost unknown actress named Haley Lovitt. But then when you said it was Evangeline Lilly, I realized you were talking about Hope. I’m surprised none of you mentioned that Hope doesn’t exist in either Earth-616 or the Ultimate books (the usual source of MCU characters). She’s from the MC2 line of books, like Spider-Girl and A-Next. I don’t recall you ever saying you’d read any of the MC2 books?


  4. Yeah, I think that was me (Mac) that kept calling Hope, Janet. That’ll happen for all of eternity.

    No clue if Frank or Fixit have read any MC2 books. I’ll have to let them chyme in. I haven’t, myself.

    Have you seen Ant-Man? What did you think?


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