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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 045

Wild Agents of Marvel- Token Fire Guy

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! It’s the second attempt by FOX to launch a Fantastic Four franchise, and third overall! Is it the worst so far? Reverse Excelsior?


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6 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 045”


    Last year, all the comic and movie news outlets said Tim Blake Nelson was playing Harvey Elder, the alias of the Mole Man. The Screen Rant article (linked above) said he wouldn’t be Mole Man in the first movie but maybe in a sequel. Now, according to imdb his character is named Dr. Allen. I think somewhere during the wretched tortured production they decided to kill the character off and instead of wasting the IP his character’s name was changed after the fact.

    Or whatever.


  2. In the Fantastic Four’s first issue, they were based in “Central City” California, not New York City. Central City was right next to the base where their space shuttle launched and gave them the powers.


  3. Ryan: Of all the things to stay faithful to!

    So I haven’t seen it and have no plans to, at least until I have that awful superhero film marathon we keep threatening people with. So I listened and let myself be spoiled. Hey, if FF loses enough money, Fox might let the franchise go, right? Because if there’s a property that would work PERFECTLY with the current Marvel Studios formula, it’s the FF. I just can’t hold my breath that long.

    I’m not scared or concerned about the X-Men franchise because I haven’t seen an X-Men movie in theaters since X2. Haven’t seen X3 at all, and watched the last two on DVD. I’m not particularly interested in the franchise (in the comics either). It helps that I think Apocalypse, even in the comics, is a bullshit character.

    Both Frank’s and Mac’s FF movies are pretty cool, and cooler than any FF powers we’d actually had. My own trilogy, based on this one’s trailer, was to have Doom at the tentpole villain, but not being the sole villain. Film 1 would have been about Annihilus with Doom as uneasy ally who is actually betraying the FF. Film 2 has Doom become Doom, if you know what I mean. Then in Film 3, Galactus shows up and Doom is trying to steal the Surfer’s Power Cosmic and stuff.

    Now, that isn’t my IDEAL way to deal with the franchise, it really is based on what was teased in the trailer and on what the studio would think would be important characters to use, but again, I think a damn sight better than this recent turd.

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  4. You guys MUST review the 1994 Fantastic Four movie! If you devoted an entire episode to Howard the Duck, you owe us.

    Seriously, is the Roger Corman version cheap as @#@%? Yes. Are there cringe-worthy performances and dialogue? Yeah, frequently. But the spirit of that movie is terrific and the story works! It’s fun. The characters are easy to identify. It captures the spirit of the comics and it’s obvious that the writers loved the comics. That Fantastic Four story with a budget of 150 million, instead of, say, the one million it actually cost, and a handful of story updates would make a great movie!


  5. All I can say is thank you. I won’t waste my money.

    It seem odd that rather than imprint on the MCU take on their heroes, Sony imprinted on WB and the DC movies. This whole thing sounds relentlessly down beat and at times idiotic … can anyone say ‘Man of Steel’??

    If the first FF movie is on, I will pause to watch a bit. Alba and Evans are fun. And Gruffudd embodies enough of Reed’s bizarre social interactions to be okay. The foam rubber thing and the solid metal Doom (WHY???) are the downfall. But the rub is, I will pause to watch a little.

    I don’t do that with the second.

    And it sounds like I won’t do that with this one after I inevitably watch it on HBO.

    This whole thing sounds awful, from character decisions to effects.

    Thanks again!


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