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The Force Awakens (Rey Sue)


Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

    • 00:02:37 Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Backlash Begins
    • 00:09:51 Jar-Jar Sidious
    • 00:15:30 Darth Vader is a dick
    • 00:22:02 Riley Keough: Force Mistress
    • 00:40:26 I’m Your Huckleberry, Finn
    • 00:51:10 Po’ Damn Her Ron
    • 00:55:25 Kyle O’Wrenn
    • 01:09:32 Agent Carter vs. Supergirl: Dawn of Went There
    • 01:13:57 General Hawks
    • 01:16:32 The Over-the-Hill Gang
    • 01:31:14 Wookieepedia, you’re our only hope
    • 01:36:58 Mos Def New Yoda/Base Starkiller/Cap’n Choke
    • 01:51:47 Episodes: Attack of the Sidequel
    • 02:00:38 Captain America v Iron Man: Tangent of Justice
    • 02:01:33 It’s A Trope!

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2 thoughts on “The Force Awakens (Rey Sue)”

  1. i knew I could count on you to destroy this movie. I think Frank may suffer from the same thing I do, re: Star Wars. The movies’ flaws wouldn’t be so irritating if there weren’t a legion of strident apologists spewing venom on anyone who pointed them out.

    For me The Force Awakens was about level with Return of the Jedi, which is damning with faint praise since though Jedi was my 2nd favorite SW film, I’ve only really ever liked Empire. TFA’s only job for me was to pass the torch to new characters I wanted to see in future movies; it did that for me (if not for all of you on every count). If it had had an original plot, all the better. It didn’t, so as with Jedi, I was in and out of the movie, liking the banter and the elements that were remixed enough (and Kylo Ren certainly), and irritated or bored by the elements that were exactly like those of A New Hope. I can’t get outraged too much because I don’t really care about the franchise enough. I still found a lot to like, including how it allowed a lot of scenes to play without dialog, the sense of fun it had, etc.

    IS the killer planet really unable to move? I ask because each recharge drains a sun. How many suns does it have access to? Is it just a one-shot weapon which must then be abandoned? Why bother destroying it once it’s acted then? And if it CAN be moved, why bother destroying planets? Just suck out their suns and watch them die. Not well thought through AT ALL.

    As for why Rei was so powerful with the Force so quickly, the clue is in the title. I think Kylo created his own worst enemy by trying to push her mentally, unlocking her powers and a sense of how to use them. Possibly, it also has to do with the psychic feedback from touching the lightsaber – could it have been imprinted with a secret message and abilities payload? That it isn’t addressed in the confines of this film is a weakness even if Luke explains it at the top of the next one, I agree. But it didn’t bug me because Kylo’s “push” was the demarcation point and while ambiguous, made sense to me.


  2. Hilarious usage of Rule of Threes. Ill Mac saying “Shout out to Count Drunkula!” when you mentioned me, then “Shout out to” somebody else, finally culminating with “Shout out to Mace Windu!” as if the fictional character is a friend of the show (Sam Jackson: Wild Agent of Marvel).

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