DC Special

DC Special: Dawn of the Justice League (2016)

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Meanwhile… Mr. Fixit, Diabolu Frank & Illegal Machine cross over to DC-Earth for their irregular looks at how the other super-hero universe lives. First, we talk a bit about Gotham and the side projects of Batman scribe Scott Snyder, then we dive into the TV special DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League to discuss Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and more!

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1 thought on “DC Special: Dawn of the Justice League (2016)”

  1. Hate to side with Frank, but after rolling my eyes at the movie Suicide Squad, this last trailer made it seem like it was a lot of fun, something that’s sadly missing in the DC Movieverse of late. A DC movie that’s been both GOOD and FUN? We’d have to go back to… crap, I don’t even know. So we’ll have to see if Suicide Squad checks both those boxes.

    I do hope that despite the look of the thing, it borrows more from Ostrander than it does the current incarnation.


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