The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast

The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast #25

JLMay (1998)

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JLMay– The JLA: Year One Podcast Crossover Event finally reaches our humble blog full force! Since everyone else partnered up to cover their chapters of the maxi-series, Diabolu Frank opted to call in his super buddies at Rolled Spine Podcasts for a sort of hybrid show! Illegal Machine and Pekita Trotamundos lend their voices to a radio play abridged adaptation of the tenth issue, while their fellow Mister Fixit sticks around afterward to talk for a bit about the Justice League of America!

From here follow JLMay to these fantastic podcasts! Each will cover different issues of JLA: YEAR ONE and each will come out in May! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #JLMay when discussing on social media!

  1. Justice League of America #9 (February, 1962)
    -1. Justice League of America #144 (July, 1977)
  2. Secret Origins Podcast #32 (1988)
  3. JLA: Year One #1 & #2 on Aquaman and Firestorm: The Fire and Water Podcast ep. 163
  4. JLA: Year One #3 & #4 on The Power of Fishnets 6
  5. JLA: Year One #5 & #6 on Waiting for Doom Episode 57
  6. JLA: Year One #7 & #8 on The LanternCast
  7. JLA: Year One #9 on Super Mates 54
  8. Comic Reflections
  9. Views from the Longbox

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1 thought on “The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast #25”

  1. How the hell did I miss this all those months ago?!?! I didn’t even know this episode existed until the other day. This mini-play was friggin’ genius! First of all, great job by all the actors involved. Second, brilliant idea to turn a podcast into an audio adventure!

    I friggin’ loved this!! Thank you for making my day so much brighter!!


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