The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast

The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast #26

JLA: Day Zero (1994)

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The Manhunter from Mars offers a final supplemental postscript to JLMay– The JLA: Year One Podcast Crossover Event! Think of it as JuneLA, or maybe a JLMepilogue. In the third edition of JLA: Day One, Diabolu Frank discusses the controversial Zero Hour retcon of Triumph as a founding member of the Justice League, alongside the Post-Crisis Five and Superman, in Justice League America #92 (September, 1994)! Just keep telling yourself it never happened, because it never did, right from the beginning! In fact, that was kind of the whole point! Bookending that topic are excerpts from Chase #6 (July, 1998) and Martian Manhunter #17 (April, 2000) covering the retroactive continuity predecessors to the JLA, the Justice Experience and their mysterious member Bronze Wraith…

From here follow JLMay to these fantastic podcasts! Each will cover different issues of JLA: YEAR ONE and each will come out in May! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #JLMay when discussing on social media!

  1. Justice League of America #9 (February, 1962)
    -1. Justice League of America #144 (July, 1977)
    0. Justice League America #92 (September, 1994)
  2. Secret Origins Podcast #32 (1988)
  3. JLA: Year One #1 & #2 on Aquaman and Firestorm: The Fire and Water Podcast ep. 163
  4. JLA: Year One #3 & #4 on The Power of Fishnets 6
  5. JLA: Year One #5 & #6 on Waiting for Doom Episode 57
  6. JLA: Year One #7 & #8 on The LanternCast
  7. JLA: Year One #9 on Super Mates 54
  8. JLA: Year One #10 on The Idol-Head of Diabolu 25
  9. JLA: Year One #11 on Comic Reflections
    b)onus JLMay background episode!
  10. JLA: Year One #12 on Views from the Longbox Episode 238

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