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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 056

Satana, The Devil’s Daughter

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! As much as it may seem like we’ve become The Marvel Comics Super Special Podcast, movies are actually supposed to be a secondary concern to the actual comic books, so we decided to do a nigh-Lady Daemon level deep dive for an anti-heroine with close ties to cult rituals who debuted in a black and white magazine and was often written by pre-fame Chris Claremont! Presenting Satana Hellstrom, Sister of the Son of Satan! We look at her early stories from before she landed in the first ever Handbook of the Dead and then go down a rabbit hole cut into the bottom of the Mighty Marvel Mail Bag! Since we only gave Satana the first half hour, we bothered to pull together a tumblr gallery for the first time since our Doctor Strange episodes! Excelsior?

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2 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 056”

  1. I don’t have much to add about Satana other than it all sounds interesting. It did remind me of the Lady Daemon episode and the earliest Tigra stuff you covered.

    But I will comment on some of the Watchmen/Rebirth stuff.

    The only Before Watchmen books I bought were the Cooke-affiliated ones. For one, I trusted Cooke as a creator. But more importantly, I thought that the topics of his two series – The Minutemen and the young Silk Spectre – were the only characters that I felt I needed to know more about. I didn’t need to know anything more about Ozymandias, Rorschach, etc. Their stories were complete.

    If I had to pick one, I would recommend Silk Spectre. It is a trippy look at Laurie in her college years. Conner’s art is brilliant. And there are a lot of mirroring/homages to the Comedian’s story in Watchmen which resonates given we know she is is daughter.

    I thought Rebirth was a good chance to shake things up in the DCU which has been too uniform in its grimness since the new 52. I like a dark comic as much as anybody. But the whole universe can’t be like that. I find it odd that Johns is being ballyhooed as the savior when he scrawled as much darkness with his pen as anyone. Wasn’t he the one who wrote Forever Evil, where we were supposed to root for the less nasty villains?

    I really don’t need to see the Watchmen actually exist in the DCU. Use the Dr. Manhattan excuse once to explain things and then move along. It is a stupid but effective reset.

    But I took a more meta- approach to the Watchmen in the Rebirth issue itself. It is because of Watchmen and Dark Knight and (erroneously) Kingdom Come that DC thought it needed to make things more mature, vicious, etc. That hand of Dr. Manhattan did influence creators, editors, bean counters. You could say they were to blame. So why not acknowledge it?

    Anyways, great show. Can’t wait to hear the ‘taped but not edited’ Tigra episodes.


  2. YOU’RE late on podcasts, Frank? Look what *I* just listened to. Expect more comments for the episodes leading to the present day.

    Oh Satana, so strange and sexy (funny hot or not plug, by the way) in the original edition Marvel Universe Book of the Dead. I never researched it, so I didn’t realize she was created for the black and white magazines, but it makes perfect sense. I’ve got to track those down…

    As always, love the coverage of Marvel’s heroines, or anti-heroines as the case may be. Keep it up.


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