Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince Wonder Woman Podcast #3

Wonder Woman ’77 Special #3

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The currently but not indefinitely bi-annual Diana Prince Wonder Woman podcast returns to look at the third edition of the Wonder Woman ’77 Special, as well as the February, 1978 cover-dated Wonder Woman Vol. 37 #240 by Conway & Delbo as a springboard for discussing the Amazing Amazon’s long but unrecognized military career in observance of Independence Day 2016!

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4 thoughts on “Diana Prince Wonder Woman Podcast #3”

  1. I think at times, DC has tried to recreate a ‘military’ feel to Diana without putting her in the army. So you see Diana working with Nemesis in the DEO or some other black ops group. But that is as Diana and not Wonder Woman.

    In this divisive America, I fear that for everyone saying ‘support the troops’ someone is saying ‘the military is evil’. Of course a character like Diana could try to bridge that division, acting as a warrior for peace, using violence as a last resort.

    The problem is, as you say, DC has embraced the ‘THIS IS SPARTA’ , sword-wielding Diana, forgetting the ‘peaceful submission aspect of her origins. It is a bummer.

    As for Veronica Cale, she was clearly a Luthor-archetype. So she is rather forgettable. I did like the idea that despite her wealth and fame, she continued to wear her mother’s fake pearls to remind her of her background. I might try to defend David Kelly’s decision for her to be the big bad in the same way Max Lord was a big bad on Supergirl. For the mainstream audience, the need that sort of character to lean on.


  2. I’ve not seen that most recent TV show, I hear it wasn’t very good. Anyway, the idea of Veronica Cale being on it doesn’t excite me, she was pants, just another jealous bore. Diana has so many seriously bizarre villains that a Lady Lex doesn’t cut it – bring on the Blue Snowman, or Giganta in gorilla gal mode.

    Yep, WW77 has gone down the tubes, but so did digital Sensation Comics – how many stories do we need about Diana befriending kids or telling us that you don’t have to be American to be OK or fighting Batman villains? Feel free to pack in the WW77 reviews and skip randomly through Diana’s pre-Crisis career, tha material is so much more fun, it complements your witty ways.

    I think you’re a bit confused on Carol Danvers – she’s wasn’t created as a fighter pilot in the Seventies, she debuted as a military security chief in the Seventies, in the Captain Marvel book. When she was repurposed as Ms Marvel in the Seventies she’d left the military to be a magazine editor – the fighter pilot bit never really showed up until she got that horrible Warbird name, and we’ve been stuck with her a hard-nosed military woman ever since.

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  3. We both enjoyed your latest episode of Diana Prince: Wonder Woman. Nice coverage of both the stories from the Wonder Woman ’77 series and issue 240 as a tie-in to Diana’s history in the military. We’ve particularly liked the Wonder Woman ’77 series and have been reading it as it’s released in digital installments and hope to see it continue in the near future.

    Very happy to hear your plans for other stories to cover in the future. We’ll be listening!



  4. Ach, you know I meant to type ‘Sixties’ originally, it’s obvious from the way I phrase my reference to the Seventies. Dang!


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