The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 059

SDCC 2016 411

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believer! The world renowned San Diego Comic-Con International held its 2016 gathering this weekend before last, and our vociferous speakers Diabolu Frank, Mister Fixit and Illegal Machine have graciously spent an hour and change discussing the scintillating revelations of this momentous occasion in a bonus second episode in as many weeks without jumping to another stream or skipping out entirely for the comic book adaptation faithful, totally free of charge to you! Now you can’t complain that you have nothing to do while standing in line during the Thursday “midnight” debut showing of the most homicidal metahuman motion picture in film history since Batman v Superman, DCEU’s Suicide Squad! How’s that for service, effendi? Excelsior!

  • 01:00 Justice League sizzle reel.
  • 10:39 Wonder Woman first full trailer.
  • 19:19 Doctor Strange final(?) trailer.
  • 31:10 Thor: Ragnarok.
  • 33:50 “Untitled Avengers.”
  • 35:30 Vengeance comes this fall to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., if by “vengeance” they mean the Latino version of Ghost Rider you forgot existed that didn’t have skeleton breasts and also Inhumans.
  • 39:59 FX’s Legion trailer. Yeah, if it wasn’t for Fixit we’d have completely skipped this one.
  • 44:09 Netflix’s Luke Cage trailer, plus a bit of Daredevil season two.
  • 48:08 Netflix’s Defenders teaser & a smidge of Jessica Jones with Valkyrie v Sif.
  • 53:22 Netflix’s Iron Fist teaser.
  • 56:42 DCEUTV, including Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Powerless.
  • 1:05:50 Random wrap-up comments on The Great Wall & Kong: Skull Island.

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2 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 059”

  1. You mean the ‘Men are from Mars, Girls are from Krypton’ isn’t happening?
    If my schedule was more predictable such that we could set up a set recording time, I’d be so in. Still, I hope we do get to record something together at some point.

    I was more impressed with the Wonder Woman trailer than you guys because it seemed more like a super hero movie and less like the darkness broodfest of prior DC ventures. The JLA one seemed overly light, a clear response to the complaints of the darkness broodfests. Amazingly, like you guys, Ezra Miller was a high point. And I was going in expecting to hate his performance because I like the Flash show so much.


  2. Sorry, this is waaaayyyy off topic. Just got done listening to your Force Awakens Rolled Spine special. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan by any means, but I have to agree with Mac about the Han Solo death scene. I actually didn’t see it coming because I’m so cynical about movie plots by now, and I really expected them to half ass this scene. It would have been so easy for them to compress Darth Vader’s three movie moral journey from the original trilogy into a single movie with Emo Ren, to have him pause just long enough to have Rey save Han, or to have Emo pull a melodramatic “I CAN’T” and hurl his light saber away, or some other over-troped nonsense. I’m glad they pulled it off the way they did.


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