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DC Special Podcast: Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad (2016)


Coarse Language: Listener Discretion is Advised

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Meanwhile… Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine & Mr. Fixit are indentured through explosives implanted in their spines to endure a Suicide Squad mission, and the word cloud is swollen with “gross.”

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3 thoughts on “DC Special Podcast: Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad (2016)”

  1. If Warner Brothers wanted to make their DC line dark, they should have started with dark, lesser known characters that they can tweak without generating too much nerd rage. Even though Blade wasn’t a Marvel studios movie, it still started putting the idea of Marvel characters in movies in people’s wheelhouses. If they had done Suicide Squad right, they could have made it the first movie in the series, and play up the idea of these heroes that haven’t been introduced yet that all the villains have vendettas against. Also, since DC is a lot more heavily steeped in magic than Marvel, they could have gone a supernatural route, with Etrigan, Swamp Thing, Deadman. Hell, the fucking Creature Commandos would have been better than this crap. My concern is that the DC movies are going to make the genre passe before its time.

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  2. As a comics geek with a young daughter I was really proud of DC about a year ago for making their female characters more accessible to girls, and also promoting some of their female characters as role models. There was a Wonder Woman comic outside of continuity where WW got into typical comic book fights but also dealt with social issues that tween girls face. The Supergirl show had a lot of girl power without being overpowering. The Super Hero Girls cartoons made female characters relatable to elementary age girls, with Harley being the goofy Pinky Pie type character. After the Suicide Squad movie I feel like they’ve done a complete one eighty in regard to female character respect in relation to Harley. As a dad, it’s just offensive.

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  3. I was waiting for this episode because I expected a lot of dissenting opinions and debate, but everyone seemed to be on the exact same page, myself included. I think you guys touched on every one of my many, many complaints, and thus I don’t have much to comment on.

    Oh well, good episode!

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