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DC Special Podcast: The Joke That Keeps On Killing

Coarse Language: Listener Discretion is Advised

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Meanwhile… Mr. Fixit, Illegal Machine, & Diabolu Frank look at the controversial 1988 Batman: The Killing Joke prestige format one-shot that has gone from one of the most revered works of a new wave of mature readers books to a (mostly) direct-to-video animated film and an albatross around the neck of DC’s attempts at outreach to modern women not in refrigerators. While the comic and flick are a touchstone, this is less an individual critique than a debate about the treatment of prominent females in comics. But bro-ier than that sounds. Beyond Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, we also talk Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Rafael Albuquerque, and more. We also go broader than Barbara Gordon to other imperiled heroines like Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Cassandra Caine, The Huntress, Bat-Girl, Batwoman, Superwoman, and yes, Sansa Stark. If you’re not up to date with Game of Thrones or Orange Is The New Black, this episode may be even more problematic for you than usual.

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1 thought on “DC Special Podcast: The Joke That Keeps On Killing”

  1. Fun episode, I loved ‘Frankdora’s Box’. You underestimate how many fans Batgirl had when the Killing Joke came out. It certainly wasn’t universally loved. I admired the craft but hated the story. Reading UK fanzines and talking to pals, I wasn’t the only person who thought Batman laughing with the Joker after he shot Babs and humiliated Jim was seven kinds of shite.

    And they may say it wasn’t meant to be in continuity, but just before it came out they had Barbara Gordon, in a Batgirl Special, retire as Batgirl, a rehearsal for a more permanent removal in TKJ. Apparently Barbara Randall was told to write a Batgirl story that made more people care about the character before she was maimed in TKJ. And the book closed with an ad for TKJ… I think DC were waiting to see how the book was received before deciding whether or not it was canon.


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