Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #4

A Final Adventure of Wonder Woman (1985)

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This episode finally, irrevocably breaks from its previous incarnation as a podcast! A seasonal/bi-annual show no more! No longer only coming out only when an issue of Wonder Woman ’77 corresponds with the episode number! This edition, we cover an entire story arc, encompassing the entire (very brief) run of Wonder Woman’s first female writer, Mindy Newell! That’s “Tropidor Heat” & “A World in Chaos!” & ” To Everything a Season…” from Wonder Woman #326-328 (July-December, 1985) plus the concluding 48-page story of the original volume, “Of Gods and Men,” written by Gerry Conway! Don Heck draws most of this swan song to the Pre-Crisis Amazing Amazon, with a little help from Pablo Marcos. We also read excerpts from magazine articles and letters columns contemporaneous to the end of this era, and look forward to the next, which signals the changes coming to this show in celebration of the 75th anniversary year!

In the meantime, do check out Wonder Woman: Warrior for Peace: A podcast that explores the history of Wonder Woman on page and screen. It’s currently five episodes deep chronologically covering the Golden Age, Iron Age, New 52, and 1970s TV show!

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8 thoughts on “Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #4”

  1. I didn’t read Wondy too much back then. But I did get the Crisis crossovers like a good consumer. These stories were bonkers and didn’t do too much to make me think I was missing anything.

    In fact, the Don Heck art would probably have kept me away even if the story was intriguing, I had read enough Heck on Supergirl stories in Superman Family to learn to loathe him.

    All that negativity aside, I did like the short lived happy ending in 329 gu en the events of Crisis 12. And that cover? Good enough for me to bring it to JLGL to get signed at last year’s Boston Con.


  2. LOVED this episode, Frank! I don’t know if it was the content of the stories or your more stripped down production approach, but this was great. Please keep it up!

    I’ve never read these four issues, but I’ll probably grab them on ComiXology when I get the chance–especially the finale written by Conway, that sounds awesome. I’ve only read a handful of post-Wonder Woman #300 Dan Mishkin issues, and while I certainly want to read more, Don Heck’s involvement is always the thing that makes me think, “Or… there’s that OTHER thing I could buy…”

    Anyway, loved the style and sound of this episode. More like this soon!


  3. I must have a greater tolerance for Heck than others – he was never a big favourite but neither was he a negative factor. Maybe it was nostalgia, but I also enjoyed his late work on the Flash and Wonder Woman… I’m a sucker for his sloe-eyed ladies. I was a longterm fan even back then and loved the Mishkin issues; the Newell stuff wasn’t bad, but too many characters meant not enough Diana.

    Conway, though, was on stunning form in that last issue, it was great that someone who wrote her for years on her own book and JLA got to close the book. But BAD Hippolyta, what’s that rubbish about her ‘only daughter’? Poor Nubia is in the corner, sobbing.


  4. The one Wonder Woman issue I bought in the 80s made me one of those people who keep saying Huntress was the better strip. It was the one with gremlins on the wing of her plane? Anyway, the impression it gave me was that, like Superman, the book was flailing, doing silly or boring one-off stories, in arrested development as far as its supporting cast went, and devoting part of its page count to an unrelated strip. I never came back to it.

    Looks like the last story, at least, was worth reading. The Bronze Age Diana got a proper send-off, just as Superman did.


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