DC Bloodlines Podcast

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Argus and Flash

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The (finally bi-weekly as originally intended) podcast (not really) dedicated to DC’s New Bloods returns (for a second “season” of indefinite length after a one-off in Spring 2015 & four episodes in April)! We’re (actually only one person involved) back with a show that was 100% completed on May ‎15th but left on the shelf for nearly five months because Frank got distracted by the next shiny object (specifically, four Martian Manhunter podcasts for a JLA: Year One crossover rather belatedly advertised within.) But hey, it’s funner and longer than usual with lots of goofy voices and bad acting processed through lame filters!

Our subject is Nick Kovak, one of the most “successful” (highly relative usage here) of the New Bloods as the stealth vigilante with vision powers, Argus! As an advantageous byproduct of his mostly appearing in Flash comics written by his co-creator Mark Waid during the arguable heyday of Wally West’s run, we’ll get to touch on some actual well liked comics for a change! This episode covers The Flash Annual #6, spotlight segments from Bloodbath Special #2, & Flash #86 (with notes related to #92-100, the introduction of Impulse and the “Terminal Velocity” arc.) Oh, and a brief nod to the world’s most famous French-Canadian, in honor of Bass & Siskoid. You can follow along with our reading of the annual at Scans Daily.

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2 thoughts on “The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Argus and Flash”

  1. Surprised to hear about your lack of love for the Flash, one of those characters (and super powers) that I tend to drift towards.

    I definitely liked the time period you are discussing here thinking that Waid was hitting his stride in the title once the book hit the late eighties in numbering through to Morrisons short run and even beyond.

    As you say, there was a family of speedsters here. I loved the introduction and character growth of Jesse Quick. I liked Max Mercury. I even liked the goofy villains speedsters like Savitar. And I really liked the arc he gave Wally. As you say, he was a whiny needy character at first. But his acceptance of the mantle of the Flash and his maturing into the role was well done. One thing I have to say about Waid is that my love for his run has definitely impacted future purchases. I keep sampling Flash books hoping to get brought back into the fold. But I don’t stick around. Because they don’t capture the joy of that Waid run.

    As for the Bloodlines event, I mostly avoided it. One thing I always wondered was why would the aliens kill people to drink their CSF? The body keeps making it. You would think they would put in lumbar drains or externalized ventricular drains in their victims so they could keep tapping the well. You wouldn’t kill a cow to drink their milk would you?


  2. FINALLY! I’m up to catching up on Bloodlines (even relistened the Steel Annual one by mistake, but enjoyed it again so that’s not an issue).

    Argus was definitely one of the better New Bloods, and one they were pushing harder, with his own mini and everything. His back story was interesting too. Surprised at your dislike of Flash (though I understand your problems); I thought us geekly workaholics all liked superspeed as a power, from a wish fulfillment angle if nothing else!


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