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The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Anima Attacks New Titans

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Sigh. It’s time to deal with Courtney Mason, the heroine of The New Titans Annual #9 and her own sixteen issue series, Anima (we cover the first two issues.) Created by novelists Elizabeth Hand & Paul Witcover, Anima was one of the highest profile and powerful New Bloods, but also one of the most painful to actually read. Hope the riot grrrl soundtrack helps us get through this one. You can follow along with our reading of the annual at Scans Daily.

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2 thoughts on “The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Anima Attacks New Titans”

  1. I collected the first handful of Anima because the concept sounded the best. But I dropped it after 3 or 4 issues. I usually don’t drop books that quickly so it must have been dreck. I don’t remember it at all and they have vanished.

    Hearing this made me think I made the right decision …


  2. Despite the fact that I was buying almost everything put out by DC back then, I did not read Anima. Probably because I’d long given up on Titans, but what issues I have seen failed to get a rise out of me later. It was an interesting idea, but far to psycho-mystical to fit the “metahuman” label.


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