Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #5

75 Birthdays:

The Secret Origins of Wonder Woman

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October 25, 2016 marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the release date for All-American Publications’ All Star Comics #8, which featured the story “Introducing Wonder Woman” by her creators William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter in her comics debut! In acknowledgement, your regular host Diabolu Frank covers a variety of different interpretations of Princess Diana of Paradise Island’s origin stories from Sensation Comics #1 (1942), Wonder Woman #1 (1942), Wonder Woman #23 (1947), Wonder Woman #45 (1951), Wonder Woman #98 (1958), Wonder Woman #105 (1959), DC Special Series #19 (1979), Wonder Woman #1 (1987), and Secret Origins #6 (2014)! To break up all that information dumping and more treat this momentous occasion as a true celebration, we’ve also enlisted a slew of notable co-anchors to discuss a bunch of fun, accessible topics relevant to new and old fans of the Amazon Princess! Hola!

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