DC Bloodlines Podcast

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: The Vixen is a Lady Fox

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Finally, the DC Bloodlines Podcast reveals its greater scope than just one 1993 event, but rather a mandate to cover the under-served DCU by looking at the earliest published (and especially the unpublished) comics of what was intended to be the first super-heroine series for a character of African decent, Mari McCabe: The Vixen! We start with the aborted 1978 first issue created by Gerry Conway & Bob Oksner from the second Xeroxed collection of “Cancelled Comic Cavalcade” and the rejected early ’80s “The Power Squad” proposal before her accessible comics debut in 1981’s Action Comics #521 and her second team-up with Superman in 1984’s DC Comics Presents #68, plus supplemental material from Back Issue Magazine #40!

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1 thought on “The DC Bloodlines Podcast: The Vixen is a Lady Fox”

  1. A Vixen fan today, dating back to JL Detroit, then Suicide Squad, then JLU and her return to prominence in the 2000s. I love the power set generally. But I missed all those earlier comics, the ones with the powder blue costume which I do think is an eyesore. And those ears are ridiculous.

    I like these forays into less well-known DC heroes, away from the New Bloods, especially when they tap into what we affectionately call Frank’s Agenda, and feature female and/or non-white/diversity characters. Thanks for all your work.


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