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The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Myriad!

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This episode looks at the New Blood Myriad and the Cyborg Superman, neither of whom debuted in 1993’s Superman Annual #5 (the only instance of that occurring in the Bloodlines annual event that was specifically created to introduce new characters.) Getting to know Hank Henshaw means going back to 1990 to cover Superman #42, Adventures of Superman #465 and especially Adventures of Superman #466, followed by Sasha Green’s first (and technically last) appearance in Superman #77. Next we get to the actual story “Myriad!” followed by her cameo in Bloodbath Special #2 and her quasi-posthumous mentions in 1994’s Action Comics #696 & 700 plus 1997’s Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #7. Finally, an overview of Frank’s reading of Superman comics overall, as well as the career of Hank Henshaw specifically. This one gets political, so if you’re still hypersensitive about the concept of President Trump, take heed. Bonus: Our podcast’s debut appearance of the most successful New Blood, Hitman! You can follow along with our reading of the annual at Scans Daily.

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2 thoughts on “The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Myriad!”

  1. I have to say you are always teaching on this site.
    I knew about the death of Sasha from the Funeral For A Friend story but never knew she came back! Incredible.

    My thoughts about Byrne on Superman mostly mirror yours. I thought he gave new energy to a property that had become a bit moribund. Surprised you left at #19 when the Supergirl Saga was literally around the corner. And the ‘Exile’ arc is very solid, filling in some knowledge about the ‘new’ Krypton and showing how killing the Phantom Zone villains effected Supes.

    I didn’t mind the Cyborg Superman in the Reign story as he felt fresh and an actual viable villain from a power perspective. Unfortunately, his subsequent stories all feel a bit too rote. There is no easy way to capture and hold him so I don’t understand why he isn’t seen all the time.

    Lastly, you touch on how icky the Lex/Supergirl relationship was at this time and I have to agree … mostly. I think in Funeral For A Friend, Supergirl starts a more standard hero’s journey, realizing she needs to honor Superman’s memory and (more importantly) recognizing how much Lex is manipulating her. So this was really the last hurrah of the creep fest.


  2. Why do I remember the Reign of the Supermen so well, but not each of their Bloodlines Annuals?

    NO MEMORY OF MYRIAD. Except very vaguely that she was a zombie. As America will, some day.


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