Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #7

The Second Coming of Robert Kanigher

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This episode we look at the brief return of writer/editor Robert Kanigher to the Wonder Woman series following a campaign by Gloria Steinem to return the Amazing Amazon to her roots. Kanigher decided what that meant was that he could recycle his own decades old scripts, so we get to simultaneously cover 1973’s Wonder Woman #207-208, but also the original presentations from Wonder Woman #37 (September-October 1949) #33 (January-February 1949) and #55 (September-October 1952) of “The Riddle Of The Chinese Mummy Case!” “The Four Dooms” and “The Chessmen of Doom” by Robert Kanigher, Harry G. Peter, Ric Estrada & Vince Colletta.

If that’s not enough Wonder Woman podcasting for you, you might also try I’m Th’ Gun’s Happy 75th Wonder Woman: War of the Gods #1 (Sep. 1991) and Power of Fishnets 13: Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary

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