DC Bloodlines Podcast

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: The Origin of Captain Comet!

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“He was a mystery to himself! Why– young Adam Blake wanted to know– was he so different from other people? How did it happen that there was no one else like him in the whole wide world?
Where did he really come from? Who was he? All these questions which might have unsettled an ordinary mind– only served to whet the brain and steel the mettle of the extraordinary youth who, without knowing it, was fated to fulfill a grand and awe-inspiring destiny on Earth– as Captain Comet– First Man of the Future!”

This episode, we explore comics’ first mutant super-hero, a prototype from the Atomic Age who was a mental marvel and physical dynamo! Explore his Strange Adventures from the June 1951 cover-dated ninth issue through the twelfth, plus comparisons to 1987’s Secret Origins Annual #1. You can follow along with our reading at Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine.

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2 thoughts on “The DC Bloodlines Podcast: The Origin of Captain Comet!”

  1. My exposure to early Captain Comet has been pretty sparse over the years – a couple of SSSV issues, a DCCP issue, a random sighting hear or there. And none of those stories have ever really been strong enough to make me think there is something special about him.

    Even his appearance in REBELS, and his new 52 reimagining in Action and re-reimagining in Supergirl grabbed me either.

    I wonder if the best stuff for me to read is this early stuff which at least sounds ‘classic’.


  2. I’ve probably never read a Captain Comet story I’ve loved, but you’re a great champion for the character. The mutant angst, long before X-Men, amused me greatly.


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