Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #8

The Ironically Iconic Wonder Woman

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This episode, Frank offers a rebuttal to Brigit McCone’s “Unpopular Opinions” week article for the site B**** Flicks, which took the character of Wonder Woman to task for the “revolutionary banalities” of her “male-authored feminism,” especially within the context of the 1970s TV show.



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2 thoughts on “Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #8”

  1. For me, I think the trickiest thing about the current sensibilities is that the often want to label things from the past without acknowledging the social mores of the time. One of the most inane comic arguments I have heard was the anger at Howard Chaykin’s Shadow as being a male chauvinist. The Shadow was a guy from the 30’s. Of course he would have a crusty view on things. You can use that point out flaws. But having a man from the 30s have the PC view of a guy in the (then) 80s, seems foolish.

    So complaining that the WW show from the 70s about some of its silliness while not recognizing how progressive it was then is a tricky proposition.

    Anyways, great discussion. I don’t recall much of the show so hearing the background stuff was enlightening.


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