Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #10

The Mystery of Nubia

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By all indications, 2017 needs a podcast dedicated to Queen Hippolyta’s “second,” “other,” “dark” daughter who debuted on November 7, 1972 in Wonder Woman #204, so we’re “Introducing Nubia!” The soul sister of the Amazing Amazon went on to appearances in Wonder Woman #205-206, including a solo back-up story, plus cameos in Supergirl #9 and The Super Friends #25 before vanishing from comics entirely for twenty years (and actually closer to a quarter century if you discount a single page of one of those comics.) Despite barely escaping 1973 in comics, Nubia managed to make appearances on television and in toy form when that was an extremely rare accomplishment, and her origin has a massive impact on Wonder Woman’s own. Nubia was a contender, and we argue that she still matters 45 years later on this episode!

Nubia is one of the least heralded but most valuable creations of Robert Kanigher, and possibly his single most important contribution across twenty years as a writer/editor of the Amazing Amazon (depending on how much credit you extend him on Wonder Girl.) The world is still waiting for Nubia to be fully embraced as a key component of Amazonian lore! For more on Nubia, check out my 2012 article on her, newly revised with fresh scans to replace the busted embeds Comicvine left me with.

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1 thought on “Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #10”

  1. ‘That heartless arch-enemy of evil, Nubia’ well that makes no sense. Surely someone who hates evil isn’t heartless?

    Marzal… Mars-al… I could see that.

    The worst bit of any of these stories was when Diana was reminded of…. someone by her Black roommate. Because all Black people look the same. Gee, did her Asian UN roomie remind her of Egg-Fu?

    Hippolyta’s messing with Diana’s head was unforgivably selfish; it took years before any writer addressed that but I’m glad they finally did.

    Oh, and in an episode choc-full of hilarious voices, the Amazon Chorus was the Best Thing Ever!


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