DC Bloodlines Podcast

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: You May Call Me Doctor Mist!

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The ancient immortal African mystic Doctor Mist was introduced in a cameo on the last page of 1978’s The Super Friends #12 before continuing into appearances in The Super Friends #13 & 45-46 before officially forming the Global Guardians in DC Comics Presents #46. We cover these comics to varying degrees, but our primary focus is the supposed true story of “Nommo,” appended to tales starring Zatara and Zatanna. Is Dr. Mist one of the most powerful and important figures in the history of the DC Universe, or a sad and lonely fraud? You decide, and you can follow along with our reading of 1988’s Secret Origins #27 at The Secret Origins Podcast.

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1 thought on “The DC Bloodlines Podcast: You May Call Me Doctor Mist!”

  1. Mist is one of those major players you never see, you’re right! Part Black Panther, part Doctor Fate, he could at least have scored his own Vertigo series back in the day. Man, I’d read the heck out of a Young Animal Global Guardians series, come to think of it.

    Or write one. I wonder if I have the proper cred yet.


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