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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 067

Entertainment Weekly’s The 50 Most Powerful Superheroes

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believer! After a lengthy hiatus, we’re back with two full hours of mediocrity (to be generous) and tedious statistical analysis of a mainstream media outlet’s superficial understanding of the concept of super-heroes, too much of it coming from Frank! Illegal Machine tries to keep up enthusiasm as best he can, while Mister Fixit throws in the towel about halfway through! Look, our new mobile mixer had another cock-up and we lost our episode on Jessica Jones, so this is the best we could scrape together to salvage the night! Excelsior!

  • 00:01:15 50) Doctor Manhattan
  • 00:03:55 49) Hawkeye
  • 00:05:36 48) Morpheus
  • 00:07:30 Sidebar: Scalped TV, BatFlexit, Suicide Squad 2, Perry Fishburne
  • Ad: 90’s Comics Retrial
  • 00:12:55 47) Shazam / Black Adam Rocks / DCEU predictions
  • 00:23:39 46) Invisible Woman
  • 00:24:49 45) Cyclops
  • 00:26:34 44) The Punisher
  • 00:29:32 43) Beast
  • 00:30:18 42) Blade / Blade #2
  • 00:36:08 41) Mister Fantastic
  • 00:36:14 40) Kitty Pryde
  • Ad: Marvel Saga
  • 00:39:11 39) Jessica Jones
  • 00:39:39 38) The Vision
  • 00:40:56 37) Ant-Man
  • 00:42:08 36) Nightcrawler
  • 00:44:42 35) The Falcon
  • 00:45:45 34) Rogue
  • 00:47:24 33) Human Torch
  • 00:49:57 32) Hellboy
  • 00:52:10 31) Nick Fury
  • 00:54:09 30) Aquaman
  • 00:55:49 29) Luke Cage
  • 00:57:32 28) Silver Surfer
  • 00:59:08 27) Captain Marvel
  • 01:01:02 26) Doctor Strange
  • 01:04:08 25) Green Arrow
  • 01:06:06 24) The Thing
  • 01:06:31 23) Supergirl
  • 01:07:48 22) Black Widow
  • 01:08:46 21) Raphael
  • 01:10:09 20) Robin
  • 01:11:42 19) Professor X
  • 01:13:15 18) Batgirl / Oracle
  • 01:14:38 17) Green Lantern
  • 01:16:08 16) Daredevil
  • 01:17:59 15) Storm
  • 01:18:54 14) Jean Grey
  • 01:20:20 13) Thor
  • 01:20:38 12) Deadpool
  • 01:22:00 11) Buffy
  • 01:24:59 10) The Flash
  • 01:27:27 09) Black Panther
  • 01:31:56 08) The Hulk
  • 01:34:01 07) Captain America
  • 01:35:50 06) Iron Man
  • 01:36:50 05) Wolverine
  • 01:38:36 04) Superman
  • 01:39:59 03) Batman
  • 01:40:36 02) Spider-Man
  • 01:43:31 01) Wonder Woman

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5 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 067”

  1. Obviously, these lists are always bullshit, ESPECIALLY if designed for the normies, so I’m hear for your reactions and random conversations.

    If I may try to justify Buffy, the show used the term superhero all the time to describe Buffy. So in name, in-universe, she’s a superhero. And can you really argue the point and still think Morpheus has a place on this list?

    I’m trying to think who should be on the list and wasn’t at all… Spawn? Ghost Rider? Not my favorites, but have had more media exposure than some of this list’s bottom feeders.


  2. What about the Tick? Or heck, isn’t there a character from Heroes who is more culturally relevant than some of those? I still find myself saying Save the cheerleader, save the world. Mighty Mouse?

    At least they didn’t try to sell us on Kick-Ass.


  3. Just listened to this with some interest. The list, as you say, is insane for a number of reasons.

    For me, it is clear that this list was put together with Frank’s agenda in mind. So characters with a current political relevance might be a bit higher than you would expect. And I think that plays into some of the bigger questions you had.

    A few specific comments.

    Dr. Manhatten/Morpheus – these guys are on the list because you know they are in every syllabus of every class regarding comics. Heck, they might be on the reading list of the ‘cool literature professor’ at college. That is their relevance, so they need to be on the list.

    Green Arrow – probably a bit higher than you expect because of his socially conscious stories of the 70s. He cared for more than the blue and purple people. His sidekick was a junkie. So he made an impact.

    Capt Marvel (Carol Danvers) – when Kelly Sue DeConnick took over the book, she made big news. No more skimpy black bathing suit and thigh high boots. She was in a flight suit. She was claiming the name Capt Marvel because she was a leader. She was a brief icon. So she makes the list. This isn’t a knock. I loved DeConnick’s run. But I think her modern push is what got her here.

    Buffy – for a similar reason as Marvel. Buffy was the hero, Xander was the damsel in distress. Buffy’s show had the Willow//Tara relationship back before that was mainstream. She has Whedon’s name attached to her. And her comic is still running strong.

    Flash – surprised Frank dumped on the Flash as much as he did. For me, the big significance is he was the beginning of the DC Silver Age. Take away Showcase #4 and you have a very different comic universe. That alone nudges him up. But he also has 2 tv series. He has a comic ‘family’ of speedsters. He deserves that spot.

    Wolverine – he was everywhere for a while in Marvel books. He was in his own book(s). He was a member of every super-team. He was like printing money. I suppose he deserves his spot just for that.

    I am not knocking the idea that putting in socially relevant heroes higher (Black Panter and Wonder Woman both seem high). But they should be up front with it. Put ‘social commentary’ as a category for points. Then it all makes sense.

    Sorry if this was too long!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yeah. Maybe we didn’t articulate (big surprise) why we had the issues we had. Based on their criteria it just didn’t seem to line up. If the categories were different (like the social commentary suggestion) then I could buy in to SOME of these.

    I still just don’t get nighcrawler, kitty pride and Raphael. Buffy I get…but I just think she’s a TV character turned comic hero. Opens up a huge gray area.


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