Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #11

Justice League Action upon The Transconsciousness Articulator

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This time we revisit the Joe Kelly/ChrisCross issues of JLA #s 83 (September, 2003) and 90 (January, 2004) covering fantasy stories involving the World’s Finest Trinity versus George Bush President Lex Luthor, as well as Diana and Bruce considering the possibility of a romantic relationship. It’s supposed to be a Martian device facilitating this, but it sure sounds like more of a Paradise Island or Kryptonian sort of thing. Then, Frank dishes on the first ten episodes of the new Cartoon Network show Justice League Action. Finally, your comments are addressed, plus we run promos for Justice League Universe Podcast, The All-Star Comics Review Podcast, and the latest podcast about Wonder Woman, Lasso of Truth (not to be confused with the long running non-Amazonian podcast of nearly the same name.)

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1 thought on “Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #11”

  1. Haven’t had a chance to watch any Justice League Action yet. Was on the fence about it; after listening to your reviews, I don’t think I’ll make a strong effort to seek it out for a whiler.


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