The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 068

20th Century Fox’s Logan (2017)

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believer! This time we cover the supposed final Wolverine movie for Hugh Jackman, the possible last ride for Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier, and Praise HaShem, not so much as a mention of Magneto for once! Plus, the cinematic Deadpool stinger that left out the Stan Lee cameo! Excelsior!

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1 thought on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 068”

  1. Good show.

    I liked Logan fine, just like a liked Deadpool fine. One of the things I liked was that they didn’t feel the need to explain the alternate future’s back story, what the Westchester Incident was, etc. They don’t even have to show it in a future movie or anything. The fewest links to that tortured continuity the better. Scariest thing: Those driverless transport trucks. Brrr.

    Given her screen presence, it would seem a shame not to return to X-23 some day, perhaps as the next Wolverine (just like in the comics), but would people embrace another X-film that takes place in the future? I’m up for it, it’s not like the world has changed that much. I’m more interested in that than any more X-Men team films anyway. (I did NOT like Days of Future Past.)


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