DC Bloodlines Podcast

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Ballistic Sword of Azrael

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Bloodlines: Outbreak is nearly over! Before the first quarter of the event closes, we meet ex-S.W.A.T. officer Kelvin Mao in his insectoid exoskeleton, and a new blond Batman who is never positively identified throughout the story (with the reasons for his replacement only alluded to.) Guess that means we should also look at the Batman: Sword of Azrael mini-series and do an overview of Knightfall/Knightquest/KnightsEnd to better understand what Jean-Paul Valley is doing here. I once did a wine tasting tour in the Jean-Paul Valley. That’s a joke I now regret because it conjures imagery I hadn’t considered before making it. Where was I again? These were not engaging stories, so I keep getting distracted, but you can follow along with 1993’s Batman Annual #17 at Scans Daily and get a deeper dive on the Azrael mini-series at NOT BLOG X.

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2 thoughts on “The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Ballistic Sword of Azrael”

  1. I quit my job, but I’m not done until the end of this month. So I SHOULD be working, but I’m leaving comments on your podcasts.

    Ballistic? Nope don’t remember him (a common theme), but I do remember how the annuals had the new Batman without his identity yet revealed. Just a quirk of the schedule I guess.


  2. I don’t know squat about ballistic. But Azrael? I know a bit more.

    I quite enjoyed the Sword of Azrael miniseries. I think the inclusion of a medieval theme and different Orders for knights jibes with me. And I loved the design of the Azrael costume.

    I am not a big Batman fan overall so I skipped the entire Knightsend, Knightquest, AzBats era. But when a solo Azrael book came out, I was on board. Back to the original costume, back to the St.Dumas stuff, plus Barry Kitson art. Jean kept trying to move beyond his role as a tool for Dumas, trying to overcome his conditioning and improve himself. It seemed like a nice journey for a hero to be on. I thought it was a decent book.

    However, at some point, all that stuff disappeared and he became an Agent of the Bat. His cool costume became a lackluster, standard ‘hero’ one and he was just consumed by the bat books. I dropped it shortly thereafter.

    Still, the base concept is enough that I will try it if I see it, such as the Azrael Death’s Dark Knight mini from a few years ago.


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