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Spawn #1 & Youngblood Battlezone

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Spawn #1 by Todd McFarlane

“Questions,” Part 1
Dedicated To: Jack Kirby

I want to die… again.

1987: Services were held today for Lt. Colonel Al Simmons at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

1992: I remember there was someone… to love. Someone to hate. And I was something. Something special.

Youngblood Battlezone (1993) by Rob Liefeld

The government has a department for almost everything. In 1984, our heads of state decided that they needed a powerful public force; a force that could represent the government to the people. They also needed an edge to put our nation ahead of other world powers; an edge that they could control and the people could trust. By the end of the year, YOUNGBLOOD was underway.

Image is Everything

Spawning Ground

Amazing Heroes Interviews Episode 2

J.M. DeMatteis at Comicpalooza 2015

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Interview conducted with treasured comic book scripter and screenwriter John Marc DeMatteis at The Texas International Comic Convention, Houston’s Comicpalooza, on May 24, 2015. The interview has been edited for time, content, consistency and quality.

  • 02:13 Doctor Strange and The Defenders
  • 06:29 The Son of Satan & Hellcat
  • 11:21 Captain America
  • 14:05 Patsy Walker
  • 15:49 The Gargoyle Isaac Christians & Sophistication in Comics
  • 19:35 The New Defenders
  • 22:56 In memory of Harry Osborn
  • 26:36 Justice League Detroit
  • 30:06 Justice League International
  • 35:50 The Life and Times of Savior 28
  • 45:10 Keith Giffen & Breakdowns
  • 56:09 DC Animation

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Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #13

Operation: Cheetah (1992)

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Finally, we’re talking about the William Messner-Loebs run on Wonder Woman, the host’s favorite series of Amazing Amazon adventures! Unfortunately, the transition out of George Pérez’s long and well regarded run isn’t the smoothest. We chart some of the bumps along the way from War of the Gods to Wonder Woman Special #1 & Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #63. Bonus interview material read from Amazing Heroes #197 featuring Loebs, artist Jill Thompson, and editors Tom Peyer & Dan Thorsland discussing thoughts early in the run, story plans that never came about, and more!

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