Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #13

Operation: Cheetah (1992)

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Finally, we’re talking about the William Messner-Loebs run on Wonder Woman, the host’s favorite series of Amazing Amazon adventures! Unfortunately, the transition out of George Pérez’s long and well regarded run isn’t the smoothest. We chart some of the bumps along the way from War of the Gods to Wonder Woman Special #1 & Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #63. Bonus interview material read from Amazing Heroes #197 featuring Loebs, artist Jill Thompson, and editors Tom Peyer & Dan Thorsland discussing thoughts early in the run, story plans that never came about, and more!

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1 thought on “Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #13”

  1. I didn’t know Perez was sort of pushed out, but while War of the Gods was a dreaded bore, and I loved the What iffery of A2001 (until they switched out the ending, of course), I can see how that was a big slight to a creator who was once one of their cash cows. Interesting stuff as usual!

    Can’t wait for the movie and your reaction to it!

    Lonely Heart Marty says he’ll walk out if Diana’s reaction to No Man’s Land isn’t “I am no man”, no matter how many times we tell him Lord of the Rings already did that joke.


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