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Spawn #3 & The Dragon Archives

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Spawn #3 by Todd McFarlane

“Questions,” Part 3
Dedicated To: Jerry “The Joker” Robinson

Finally, I remember her name. Wanda Blake. I remember how her grandma had a fit at the wedding, when she found out Wanda wasn’t going to take my last name.

Oh, my. Simmons, you poor pathetic fool! Threaten away, you little maggot. It’ll do you no good, ’cause you’ve been locked into a deal I can’t lose.

We always wanted children, but something wasn’t right. Doctors said it was no use. But it was me!

The Dragon Archives (1982-1992) by Erik Larsen

Graphic Fantasy (1982) #1-2, Megaton (1983) #1-4

I’m The Dragon. The name may sound familiar… I’ve been playing the part of a super-guy for the last eight years.

…He called himself The Bronze Man. He killed my wife… With Sue gone… I’ve had to raise our daughter by myself.

Paul? Paul… what is it honey? What’s wrong?

…Thinking about how much things have changed since the days when I was head of the S.O.S.

DAMN! Man, I’m going to be glad when Reagan’s term is over with! I can’t take too much more of this!

Image is Everything

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  • Waiting for Doom: Mike and Paul doomsplain everyones favourite superhero team, the Doom Patrol!

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2 thoughts on “Spawnometer 0-0-0-3”

  1. I have an unknowable nostalgia for SAVAGE DRAGON, despite only reading, I think, issues #2 and #3–and even then I don’t remember if they were issues from the mini- or the ongoing series. For some reason, it seems to have held up and maintained a level of respect and creative integrity that other early Image comics lost (if they ever had). Whenever I hear people talk about SAVAGE DRAGON, I have a moment where I think, Why didn’t I collect that? Well, I’m not starting now.

    The original CYBER FORCE miniseries was four-issues. I collected that book for years, but, as with so many Image titles, I don’t think I could tell you what happened, or even the basic premise. I haven’t checked the actual release dates but I remember feeling like it took forever for issue #4 to come out. I hope you guys do cover it soon, because it was one of my favorites, along with WETWORKS and STORMWATCH. Hmm. I must’ve been going through a paramilitary phase for a couple years.


  2. I completely agree with your assessment of Savage Dragon, Frank. Of all the original Image artists, Erik Larsen came out looking the best. He was working on a passion project that wasn’t a complete rip off whatever book he was doing at Marvel when he quit, and though Savage Dragon was always rather juvenile in content, it had a lot of energy and fun, was on time, and has proven longevity. So Larsen isn’t just the Image guy I respect the most, he may be the only Image guy I respect.


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