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The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 077

Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

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Face Front, True Believer! Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine & Mister Fixit are back on the Marvel Cinematic Universe beat for the latest feature film! Plus, Black Panther trailers talk, Captain Marvel/Infinity War speculation, & we catch up on the Mighty Marvel Mail Bag! Effendi, this one’s got it all! Excelsior!

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3 thoughts on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 077”

  1. I enjoyed THOR: RAGNAROK a lot, but that is despite some obvious tonal problems that don’t bother me right now but might, given time, drag my appreciation for the movie down quite a bit. To expound on what I mean by the tonal problems: some really, really dark and momentous shit happened in this movie, which is far more comical than any other Marvel movie except maybe the two GUARDIANS films and SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. In very quick succession we see the death of Odin, the destruction of Mjolnir, and the slaying of the Warriors Three, and then by the end of the movie we see Asgard itself laid to waste.

    But how many of these events are given appropriate weight or even recognition? Thor doesn’t mourn for his father; he’s more thrown off by the loss of his hammer. And the movie even calls attention to that! Korg makes note that Thor losing Mjolnir affects him like the loss of a loved one. Why doesn’t he act that way about his actual loved one who just died? What about the revelation that he’s had a sister? Thor never asks about Fandral, Hogun, or Volstagg? These were his childhood friends and the other characters on Asgard we’ve seen him spend any decent amount of time with? It’s bad enough how dismissively they’re killed, but to not even get a mention later on? It wouldn’t surprise me if their deaths were added later in the shooting process. Maybe it wasn’t in the original script because they didn’t know if they could get the actors back–or didn’t know if it was worth paying them to come back. Now, of course, Zachary Levi has no reason to resurrect as Fandral since he’s going off to play the Mightiest Mortal in SHAZAM! Maybe Ray Stevenson can be cast as Ibac.

    But here’s the other thing about the deaths of Odin and the Warriors Three: even as it was happening, even as I watched these characters die, I realized I wasn’t going to miss them. I like the Warriors Three from the comics, but I’ve never grown attached to them in the movies. Likewise with Odin and all of Asgard. Maybe it’s a failing of THOR and THE DARK WORLD, but I never cared about Thor’s stories set in the Realm Eternal. This is true of the comics, too. Just as I don’t want Aquaman saddled with the crown of Atlantis, I’m bored by too many stories set on Asgard. Thor is at his best when he’s away from home, whether that means Earth, or one of the other realms like Jotunheim, Svartelfheim, Vannaheim, or even far off distant worlds and galaxies.

    So, watching RAGNAROK, I found myself not missing the Warriors and Odin when they died because I was a lot more interested in Thor on Saakar with the Hulk, Valkyrie, Korg and Miek, and the rest. Thor’s REVengers were a lot more fun, especially Valkyrie, who totally kicked ass. I am all for Tess Thomson’s proposed all-female Marvel movie. Put her on the screen with Gamora and Black Widow and Wasp.

    Anyway, I think I’ve wandered away from my original point, which is I did enjoy the movie. Had a fun time. And like you mentioned, the opening scene with Thor fighting Surtur and the demons of Muspelheim was incredible! That’s the kind of attitude and style I wish we’d had in all three Thor movies since the beginning.


  2. The very FACT that you didn’t mention the Warriors 3 on the podcast is proof enough that no weight was given to their deaths, not even a cool moment, just killed like extras. I’m with Frank and Ryan on this point. Guardians 2 juggled humor and tragedy much better, while Ragnarok treated what should have been gut punches as punchlines.

    So while I was entertained, I’m far from as happy with it than most of my friends. Which is too bad, because I’ve liked the director’s other films quite a lot.


  3. In Norse mythology Hela was actually Loki’s daughter (his other kids were the Midgard Serpent and I think the Fenris Wolf, because mythology is weird). I don’t know if they ever touched on their relationship back in the Simonson days, though I could see that possibly being explored during the JMS run.


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