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Spawn #7 &
Brigade (1992 miniseries) #1-4

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Spawn #7 by Todd McFarlane

“Payback” Part 2
Dedicated To: Rob Liefeld

Three weeks ago, Al Simmons returned from the grave.

Got enough firepower to level a small building… or a big cyborg.


HA-HAheeHAR! You look like CRAP! Y’know, the oozy, smelly kind. Now I’m gonna stomp you– so I can scrape you off my boot– you piece of TURD!

Brigade #1-4 (1992)

by Rob Liefeld, Marat Mychaels & Extreme Studios

Battlestone… Seahawk… Coldsnap… Atlas… Thermal… Kayo… Stasis…

This new team is much more to my liking. With the proper guidance, this team could be everything Youngblood wasn’t… and never will be!

I am Genocide! The mere utterance of my name causes entire civilizations to quake with fear!

Hear me, Taraban dogs! You have dared challenge a member of the Imperial High Council— an act as foolhardy as it is unforgivable! As council magistrate, I find it impossible to let your blatant disrespect go unpunished. Know now that you have been found guilty of crimes against the crown prince J’nissyde and as a consequence– –You MUST DIE!

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