One Song Each

One Song Each (Side A, Track 5)


On our music & memories show, co-hosts Ill Mac, Joe Fixit, & Diabolu Frank each select a song to discuss, relating facts about its release, its meaning, and how it relates to them anecdotally.


  1. “Feed Me (Git It)” from the 1982 album Little Shop Of Horrors – Original Cast Album by Howard Ashman & Alan Menken
  2. “Frank Sinatra” from the 1996 album Fashion Nugget by Cake
  3. “These Arms of Mine” from the 1962 single These Arms Of Mine / Hey Hey Baby by Otis Redding

Artists: Mister Fixit, Illegal Machine, Diabolu Frank
Label: Rolled Spine Podcasts
Format: MP3 Digital Download/Streaming
Country: USA
Released: 14 Mar 2018
Genre: Stage & Screen Soundtrack, Alternative Rock, Soul / Rhythm & Blues


1 thought on “One Song Each (Side A, Track 5)”

  1. I’ve never heard this particular Cake song, or really any Cake song other than “The Distance” which I didn’t like so I never gave the band any other consideration. “Frank Sinatra” sounds pretty interesting, though, so I may explore more of their stuff.

    “These Arms of Mine” on the other hand… great choice! It may not come across on the needle-drops of my various podcasts, but I love Motown/R&B/Soul from the ’60s and ’70s. Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me” is probably my favorite song ever, and that’s long before it was used in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME 2. His live version from the Harlem Square Club is the best performance of the best song. The Animals’ cover of it is also pretty good.

    Never guessed Frank was such a Patrick Swayze fan…


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