Spawnometer 0:0:0:9: Angela’s Hunt

Spawn #9 &
Angela (1994 miniseries) #1-3

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Spawn #9

by Neil Gaiman & Todd McFarlane

Dedicated To: Harvey Kurtzman

Oh, poor little hellspawn. You have been hunted… Now you’ll never be a captain in the army of the Malebolgia.

Count Nicholas Cagliostro. At your service, Mr. Simmons.

You did a deal with the devil, huh? You hadn’t even stopped to think about which one?

Men call me Angela.

Angela #1-3 (1994)

by Neil Gaiman & Greg Capullo

Dedicated To: Mike Gaiman, Jack Kirby, Susan Alston and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

I’ve been decorated a dozen times in the battle against the forces of the Malebolgia… I’ve personally destroyed over thirty hellspawn. No one has ever questioned my integrity before. No one who wanted to keep their vital organs intact and inside them…

This is Gabrielle, Director of Terran Affairs, reporting formally to The Metatron via The First Dominion… concerning the missing dimensional lance…

200 years old. Your first case. Bizarre– I was foolishly expecting a fair trial.

Image is Everything

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